San Francisco company to connect Alberta tech firms with Silicon Valley cash and contracts

The province has signed a three-year contract with two companies that will work to connect Alberta tech start-ups with opportunities and capital in California's Silicon Valley, home of the technology industry.

San Francisco company Connections Silicon Valley and Alberta-based trade consulting firm JPC Corp. won the $900,000 contract through an open competition.

Connections Silicon Valley is run by Joanne Fedeyko, an Albertan who has lived in the Bay Area for 19 years and has connections throughout the area's tech industry and understand how it works.

Fedeyko will work as a resource for Alberta entrepreneurs who want to do business in the the industry.

"Silicon Valley is all about networks," said Economic Development and Trade Minister Deron Bilous. "It's all about people and relationships and connections."

Fedeyko said it's important for Alberta companies to travel to the San Francisco area on a regular basis. She said she can help put entrepreneurs in touch with the people they need to talk to.

"It's about plugging them into the network so that those people and those resources that can really help them ,whether that's just functional expertise, whether that's investment advice, whether that's actual investment dollars, they're the ones that ultimately will work with these companies," Fedeyko said.

Bilous said results will be tracked using figures like investment dollars and the number of companies that are contracting with Alberta companies or setting up in the province.