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Thread: Edmonton Oilers 2018/19 Season

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    Kind of surprised post game that Connor said there is not much to do in Edmonton but they make the best of it. Very honest guy. Maybe too honest in this case.
    I just watched the interview, I am a huge McDavid fan, but that comment really bothered me. Tell me what Edmonton doesnít have that most other cities do? Why did he feel the need to put down our city in that way? I donít understand the stereotype we have developed and why McDavid decided to play right into it. He did say they go out to dinner and movies, why not leave it at that?
    i like to think i'm a pretty big supporter of edmonton and moved here twice from somewhere else by choice. but if you think that the options in edmonton in terms of "what to do" approach that of vancouver or toronto, or ottawa or montreal, never mind new york or boston or philadelphia or los angeles or tampa bay or chicago or st.louis or cincinnati or pittsburgh or nashville etc. particularly if you want to do it anonymously and particularly if you include what you can do within an hour of most of those cities and the airline connections they have, then you're lost in home town boosterism (even calgary and winnipeg have better air connections to more places than we do, never mind las vegas and denver etc.). things that are simple truths shouldn't bother you, nor should someone recognizing them, nor should they be considered putting the city down (although some of them - like air connections - might well do with some improvements but that would have a positive impact on a lot more than just hockey players who are only here part time anyway).
    My point is he played to the typical Edmonton stereotype. Why not say we go to movies and out for supper and leave it at that?
    why not? perhaps because there's more than a kernel of truth to the typical edmonton stereotype?

    the kid is paid to be here to play hockey and he is a phenomenal hockey player.

    he's not paid to represent edmonton economic development or tourism (although i would guess that he brings more than his share of tourists here to watch him do what he is paid for).

    all he is guilty of is being politely honest.
    I did not like the comment and thought it was unnecessary. Thatís all iím saying.
    I agree, he shouldnít have said it. Not on national TV, HNIC. Thatís all. I know he was not thinking a slight or anything like that, I forgive him. Love you Connor McD !!
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