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Thread: motorcycle noise - it's getting worse

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    Actually, Edmonton is about to pilot photo noise meters.

    So, if you're one of the tiny penis *****les who feel the need to prove your manhood by disrupting everyone else's lives - beware.

    Oh, and before you waste too much money on "your lawyer," be aware, there will be human being bylaw officers present during the pilot.

    So sorry about your tiny dick, but so happy you'll have to find some other way to compensate.
    ... gobsmacked

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    ThomasH will disagree with you and that people should move or get earplugs because mini-dick riders have the right to disturb the peace 24/7
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    This guy had a cobraettor problem:
    I am in no way entitled to your opinion...

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    Some people should move to Mill Woods. Again rarely have any difficulty with the noisy bikes. Main problem continues to be police helicopter on scheduled flyby just doing non response loops in the sky and that thing is noisy. This motorcycle noise problem seems mostly specific to certain areas of town.

    ps The crows and magpies squawking at each other in my neighborhood are probably noisier than anything we ever hear.
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