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Thread: Zhuzhou ART (Autonmouse Rapid Transit)

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    Default Zhuzhou ART (Autonmouse Rapid Transit)

    This has been posted about before in various LRT threads, but it really deserves to have its own thread. Councillor Andrew Knack has brought to the attention of the city the Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) vehicle as an alternative to our traditional LRT. The vehicle is a wireless, rail-less multi-car tram, which is very close in appearance to the low-floor LRT vehicles we will be getting from Bombardier. It runs on rubber tires, but supposedly had a rail-like ride. It can recharge for a 25 km range in 10 minutes at a station; it raises power coupling similar to our LRT line coupling up to thick rails at the station to charge, and then lowers it for transport. The ART will still have a driver, but its autonomous systems will assist the driver with fatigue by trying to maintain course on the virtual tracks programmed into it. It has cabs on both ends, like an LRT. It will function with other vehicular traffic, and would require priority signalling like our low-floor LRT. Advantages are no deployment of rail and wires, with the only infrastructure required being pavement marks, the stations, and the heavy-duty charging apparatus at the stations. Disadvantages include it being a new technology, and in particular it not having being tested in a winter climate like ours.

    The city of Perth is considering purchasing the system. I think it would be useful to get a couple of units for a test route. For example, you run a couple of units from Century Park to the Heritage Valley Park'n'Ride. And, if it proved successfully, you could eventually extend the route all the way to the airport and Leduc

    Here's a New China TV Youtube video of production ART units in action, along with some screenshots from the video. The line is operating in the city of Zhuzhou. The production units added a 360 degree camera system and anti-collision radar.
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    It's BRT, it's just now electric and autonomous...

    It's the same idea I and others have been pitching here for years, minus the autonomous part

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    I agree, it definitely a form of double-ended steering BRT. Does it look and act enough like an LRT to satisfy those who favour LRT in the City Administration? Or to get transit dollars from the Feds, who always prefer funding a big flashy LRT over funding buses? Could the company in Zhuzou partner with Bombardier to make them in Canada? The last would definitely get funding from the Feds


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