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Thread: The Correct Approach to Trump and NAFTA

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    Default The Correct Approach to Trump and NAFTA

    Seems like the sensible Conservatives (unlike many of the CONS who post here) believe that the Federal Liberals are doing a good job with Trump and the Americans.

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    The only sensible approach as this point is to walk out.

    It's not hard to figure out what the government is trying to do, negotiating and negotiating and negotiating. They know that the moment we walk out, tariffs are applied.

    But at this point it's obvious Trump does not want Canada in and will apply tariffs anyway at a time and place of his choosing.

    Time to end the farce.

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    I'm thinking the negotiation is just a rolling tactic until the next election where they're hoping Trump would be trumped from his position ? Nevertheless, I agree that we should walk out. With Trump, he wants a renegotiation, but-we all know that unless it is a guaranteed slaughter for America- they'll won't accept anything. This is how America works: instigate, fabricate, Invade and steal all in the name of " protecting their freedom."
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    The Mexican President leaves office December 1st which is why Trump is imposing these artificial deadlines, The incoming President is more liberal and Trump knows that he has a better chance of dealing with the current office holder.


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