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Thread: Hybrid vehicles - good? bad?

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    Default Hybrid vehicles - good? bad?

    Has anyone here a lot of experience of knowledge about hybrid vehicles?

    I’ve seen some models come and go. So it really makes me wonder what the underlying cause was for cancelling any particular hybrid model. Low sales, low gas prices, system problems, unhappy customers, ...?

    Then, if I were to buy a hybrid, either a discontinued (i.e. abandoned) model or a new or existing model, what problems might I face in the future when battery problems arise? (With gas vehicles I tend to assume fairly easy ‘repairable-ness’ for at least 20 yrs. though shorter for OEM parts.) How about hybrids?

    Batteries getting weaker with age affects some products, does it also affect hybrid batteries?

    When OEM are gone, then used and reconditioned will be the only choice. Will they be readily available or will the vehicle be out of commission for weeks?

    What about labour? Is that part costly? And what is battery conditioning? And is there other battery maintenance?

    Then, winter issues? Any change to range and battery life of each charge, etc?
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