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Thread: Going cheap where it hurts

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    What examples do you have where you wish you’d spent a few extra bucks or spent a bit more time, because by going cheap just created regrets over lost unrealized potential. The result was ok, worked, sufficed, but the vision wasn’t realized or maybe not even recognized at the time.

    How about other examples, other people’s similar sorts of mistakes?
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    When I was moving into a new apartment in my mid-20s, my mom found a moving company who were advertising cheaper rates than normal. Turned out, the workers' m.o. was to take a coffee break every twenty minutes or so, thus jacking up the amount of time it took to move your stuff. The whole thing ended up in a big yelling match.

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    Oh I've done it now and then, regretted it later. Buy a shirt only to have it fall apart at the seams is one thing that happened to me. Bought a cheap set of tires only to go through a winter of skidding most of the time.

    I hate to see the city follow their (and my mistakes), the Mill Woods, Lewis Estates LRT should be bridged and tunneled more for example.


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