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Thread: How to deter wrens and other birds?

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    Default How to deter wrens and other birds?

    I got my neighbors tree extending into my yard by the windowsill of mt bedroom. Wrens perch there and make a racket every morning waking me up.

    Is there any solution to ward off the birds?

    Am I legally allowed to chop off the branches extending into my yard? Doesn't seem to deter then though.

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    from a sound perspective, the difference between those branches extending into your yard and the rest of the tree is probably zero...

    one of those plastic owls on your sill might be a deterrent based on how many of them seem to be sold but that's not based on any personal experience.

    from a practical perspective, there's probably not much you can do that would be effective that wouldn't be caustic to your relationship to your neighbor. for the relatively short time of the year that sun-rise is early enough to cause the concern, if you can't learn to sleep through or enjoy the song-birds, at least be thankful they're not magpies or crows or pigeons.
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    Put a bird feeder for them at the farthest point from your bedroom.

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    Edmonton has wrens?

    All I see and hear is %@$#& magpies

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    Get a cat. Anything of your side of the property, you can can chop down.
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    Wrens don't make a racket. They sing. Magpies loudly cackle
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    Be grateful they're not pigeons: those sky rats grunt and grunt and grunt and crap all over with no discerible aesthetic value.
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    I doubt removing the branch would do anything. Personally I started sleeping with earplugs years ago after living up north where the birds started up with the sun which was as early as 4AM. The reality is the city has birds, they like to get up at dawn. You could consider just keeping your window closed.

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