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Thread: Need a good lawyer for university matters

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    Can anyone recommend reliable house construction companies in Edmonton?
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    you probably have to be a bit more forthcoming...

    i would presume you want to sue the university for something. as a matter of course iím pretty sure there isnít a single lawyer in edmonton that specializes in that. there are a number of lawyers that act on behalf of the university but even then none full time i am aware of other than their own in house council. i assume youíre talking the u of a but the answer would be the same for most other institutions as well.

    if this is a tenant issue, then you have the same recourse against the university as any other landlord. the same would hold true if itís a contractual issue or an employment issue - you will have the same recourse as you would against any other contracting party or employer.

    you probably need advice in the area of your dispute rather than advice on suing a university. again, depending on the area of the dispute, you may have some recourse through an ombudsman or other mediator. regardless, you probably need to take a deep breath so you can discuss things based solely on the facts and ďsans emotionĒ.
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    4 posts on here, all asking for lawyer recommendations. The last time he/she was asking for a criminal lawyer to defend an assault charge.
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