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Thread: Alberta creates world's largest protected boreal forest

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    Default Alberta creates world's largest protected boreal forest

    From the Journal website "Alberta has designated four new provincial parks in the province’s north, creating the world’s largest contiguous protected boreal forest."
    This is great news, it's great to see all the parties involved working together and accomplishing something that is an absolute world treasure.

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    Canada protects largest coniferous forest in the world - BBC News

    “Canada will soon have the largest protected boreal forest - an area twice the size of Belgium - on the planet.

    Some 1.6m hectares of remote land in the province of Alberta are being made into new or extended provincial parks.

    A 6.7m hectare conservation zone will now be protected and free from...”

    It is also a nursery for billions of songbirds that ...

    "It's not just forest, it's really the matrix of forest and wetlands and waters - and we can protect those at a scale that is an opportunity lost in the rest of the world," said Dan Kraus, a conservation biologist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)....”

    “Mr Kraus said: "One of the things we're losing around the world are those large animals that have space to roam around. We're squeezing them into smaller and smaller areas and losing the phenomenon of animals migrating across the landscape." ...”
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    New Alberta park will be largest protected boreal forest in the world: province | The Star

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    curious why they don't address how recreational users will be affected by this. Those who hunt, fish, camp etc etc.

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    ^The area is receiving a wildland provincial park designation.

    As such it is covered by the rules that apply to this provincial parks designation:

    Wildland Provincial Parks

    • Wildland provincial parks are a type of provincial park specifically established to preserve and protect natural heritage and provide opportunities for backcountry recreation.
    • Wildland provincial parks are established under the Provincial Parks Act.
    • Wildland provincial parks are large, undeveloped natural landscapes that retain their primeval character.
    • Trails and primitive backcountry campsites are provided in some wildland parks to minimize visitor impacts on natural heritage values.
    • Some wildland parks provide significant opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure activities such as backpacking, backcountry camping, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing and trail riding.
    • Designated trails for off-highway vehicle riding and snowmobiling are provided in some wildland parks.
    • List of wildland provincial parks

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    I wonder how much more of the province we could protect.

    Here’s one: Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) corridor

    Alberta now has world's largest expanse of protected boreal forest

    The conservation area is twice the size of Vancouver Island

    David Thurton, CBC News, May 15, 2018

    The province will formally establish four new parks — Kazan, Richardson, Dillon River and Birch River — and expand the Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial Park.

    All of the parks, except Dillon River, border on Wood Buffalo National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

    Together with Wood Buffalo National Park and the existing and new parks, the protected land will form a conservation area of 67,735 square kilometres, almost twice the size of Vancouver Island.

    The area will be off limits to logging and other industries, such as oilsands development.

    The province said it will fund the process of integrating Indigenous traditional knowledge and will hire Indigenous monitors to maintain and offer education and outreach to park visitors.
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