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Thread: Airport City YEG - 2017 Annual Report

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    Default Airport City YEG - 2017 Annual Report

    "Our counter-cyclical success in commercial development in recentyears culminated in 1.6 million square feet of land simultaneously underconstruction in 2017, which by scope and pace is the largest of any NorthAmerican airport"

    Report highlights new service success as well as land development efforts.

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    Great to hear, but also a lot of opportunity given the unencumbered lands.


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    I'm happy to see the development around the airport as the future of airports is in being mini-cities. I also like that we are thinking like a hub airport even though we are not. The one page air service update on new routes is also indicative of the hard sell Edmonton is to the airline world.

    Keep at it EIA and it will turn around slowly. Flair is a very good start.


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