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Thread: Parks & playgrounds - needed features/facilities

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    Default Parks & playgrounds - needed features/facilities

    Regarding City / Taxpayer paid for and maintained facilities:I just commented on another thread that it seems to me that skateboarders are now well served in Edmonton. Also that kids spray parks now seem to be fairly common (we go to several that are all within a short drive or bike ride.) Also the traditional playgrounds with swings, slides and climbing features seem to exist in every older neighbourhood. (They may now be in competition with those amazing new private indoor jump / trampoline/etc facilities.)

    [b]So I’m wondering what other equipment, facilities, features are in short supply or non existent in Edmonton and could be spotted about the city to serve more special or select interests or everyone but simply haven’t been popularized here.

    Also, do we have any of enough such facilities to serve immigrants’ former sports skills, interests, activities/hobbies from their former home countries. (i.e. Are we missing out opportunities to introduce new sports, etc to Edmontonians.)

    Cardio parks?
    Some sort of screen device park?
    Kid focused golf driving ranges?
    Do we have enough basketball, tennis, courts etc? In the right places? Enough batting ranges, etc.
    Outdoor or covered volleyball courts? Sand features?

    Should some facilities be consolidated to create one desirable facility rather than say two unused such facilities sitting in disrepair.

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    How about some playground equipment sized for kids over the age of 8?


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