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Thread: Please help! This is not a scam!

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    Exclamation Please help! This is not a scam!

    A Plea For Help!

    Here is what happened:

    1. Justin came down sick two weeks ago, (April 2017) and was rushed to emergency and then airlifted to Edmonton .

    2. He had a blood clot in his arm, (and still does as of today) plus his heart was beating wrong.

    3. He'd had TWO previous heart operations, one at age 2 1/2 and then four years ago again at age sixteen when he suffered a heart attack and was unconcious for over three weeks. The operation's didn't work as they now determined.
    >>>The surgeons had no choice and we are not blaming them one bit.<<<

    3. They just operated again on Saturday April 15th-2017, and replaced an aortic valve, 50-50% chance of being successful. Dr's say as of today his heart is too weak to discharge during a normal time period for this type of operation, but it is working okay so far.Justin was to return to SECOND year of University this year and we hope this will be possible.

    4. We are besides ourselves with heart ache, financial suffering, jobless, mounting bills already, and now we have to find a rental home close to Edmonton / Kelowna or Kamloops so he can have outpatient help asap when he gets out. He needs to live close to a major hospital now so we don't 'almost' lose him again

    5. We haven't seen him since before or after the operation either. Our current rent and bills are over 1700 already and climbing fast with one of me (Karen) on EI and husband waiting for WCB review. It is a personal and financial nightmare that keeps haunting over and over. We are asking for 12.5k for now in hopes to be on our own feet within the next few months again.

    6. Please help with as much as possible? Thank you in advance for your kindness! Karen and Kevin

    Here are all the links so you can make a decision, and please, this is not a scam, so if you have any nasty words please, we have been through enough.

    Justins Gofund page is here:

    Justins Facebook page:

    Justins Anti-scam video: <<< I made this, if you think it is a scam, please watch!

    Justins twitter:

    Thanks & God Bless!
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    Please Help! Even small donations are needed ASAP!

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    Post has been updated with relevant info.
    Please Help! Even small donations are needed ASAP!

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    This sounds like a difficult situation for you and your family.

    The Emergency Financial Assistance program from the Gov't of Alberta may be what you need. However, I am not sure if you need to be a resident of Alberta for a period of time before you can claim it. The info is here

    You may be able to apply for a similar program from the BC government.

    As for where to move, the Edmonton region finally started adding jobs in the last month (according to Statistics Canada). About 6000 jobs were added in the last month. Depending on your qualifications if you are looking for work you might be better off in a large centre like Edmonton.

    In Kelowna the job situation has rapidly improved from the end of 2016 when unemployment was significant. About 3000 jobs were added last month. Quite good considering the population of Kelowna.

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    It is horrible, we have been homeless in campsites and motels for over four years like many others and just got a place to live so the girls could finish high school and now this. I am a taxi driver that has to go on disability now because my spine is basically crumbling, my wife has to help me put my socks on, and two girls needing braces. AND of course the most important is Justin having somewhere to go to after. If I could even BORROW 25k I would pay it all back.
    Please Help! Even small donations are needed ASAP!


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