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Thread: PayPal froze Canadian transaction

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    Default PayPal froze Canadian transaction

    Interestingly intrusive... so are they scanning not only the payee and payer names/text but also all other text in the transaction?

    PayPal freezes Canadian media company's account over story about Syrian family - Manitoba - CBC News
    Flin Flon Reminder had tried to enter story for award

    Colin Perkel The Canadian Press
    February 10, 2017

    "It's quite scary about how insidious the security agenda has become," said John Hinds, CEO of News Media Canada. "The demonization and racial profiling, that's really scary, too."

    The weekly Flin Flon Reminder entered the article — titled "Syrian family adapts to new life" — last month as part of its submissions to the annual Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. The feature story from July 2016 outlines the challenges and triumphs as the family settled in the Manitoban town of 5,100 and the community's willingness to make them feel welcome.

    Still, Hinds said he was nonplussed by the "extraterritoriality" of what had happened.

    "Since when did the U.S. government start regulating Canadian media?" Hinds said. "It's pretty clear that our account is a newspaper account. It's not like we're Hamas Inc."
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    Trumplethinskin gone wild.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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