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Thread: How do you pack your PVR?

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    Default How do you pack your PVR?

    So what kinds of things (shows, movies, etc.) do you set to record on your PVR?

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    I'm most curious to see how many people are still using them? We haven't had one in a years.

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    Great topic for an idle Friday evening.

    I built my dual-tuner MythTV PVR almost 11 years ago and 23,903 programs later it's totally changed what I'm willing to tolerate in TV watching. Now "peasant vision" has come to mean real-time TV with ads. I know lots of folks are going to streaming nowadays but I don't have much interest in scripted drama so NetFlix/Hulu/Amazon aren't of much interest to me. If I do want anything like that I go to the EPL and get DVDs and rip them. At any one time I have at least a half-terabyte of HD and SD recordings waiting for me, all curated for me by recording rules I've accumulated and add, so I'm never short of something I already know I want to watch anyway. And every couple weeks if I remember I trawl the next 2 weeks of shows to add new rules. I have what used to be Tiers 1 to 3 of Shaw Cable, 100+ channels I guess.

    My basic interests are:

    * Sports - NHL, {C,N}FL, Formula1, NASCAR, Rugby, Billiards. MLB and NBA during late playoffs. I don't have TSN3+ or the fancier SportsNet channels or I'd get more rugby and some cricket and things that get punted off the channels I have to make way for the more-popular stuff.

    * Documentary/Educational: PBS (NOVA, FrontLine, American Experience, American Masters), Discovery (much less these days), The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, a few things from History, a few things from Vision (theological and some old series)

    * Music: PBS Austin City Limits, docs from TCMC and Sundance

    * Comedy: The Daily Show, The Late Show, Samantha Bee, Comedy Now!, CBC comedies, Modern Family, South Park

    There's a whole slew of other things that don't exactly fit into a single one of those categories or it would make this post way long.
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    I usually very enthusiastically fill my PVR religiously with all kinds of stuff I think would be real interesting to watch, The Nature of Things, Restoration Man, American Test Kitchen, old Seinfield episodes. It's literally bursting with knowledge. Then I don't watch any of it. Sigh
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    English Premier League, with which we are bountifully supplied here. Way better than the UK.
    Champions League
    Europa League

    I watch, but don't record, Oilers and Esks.

    Wifey records all the British drama she can lay hands on.
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    I record some movies, sports if I miss the game.

    Regularly record ACL.

    Recently recorded a ton of stuff showing on the Smithsonian channel preview. They were playing a lot of regional broadcasts detailing different areas of the Continent. I have about 20 recorded just on Canada. All beautiful HD. They also had a unique series that involved repurposing in urban environments and how habitats can be reclaimed from junkyards or cesspools to more environmentally friendly neighborhoods.

    I love documentaries almost of any type. TV to me, ideally, is a learning tool.

    I virtually NEVER watch network TV, sitcoms, etc. Detest reality programming, CSI type programming, formulaic US dramas etc.

    Much prefer foreign broadcasting or programs like that. I even prefer Canadian content to US content whether it be movies, docs etc and will record some Canadian movies which are highly underrated and are often less polished but more sympathetic productions.

    I will watch and record britcoms. Or most Brit programming which I've always liked.

    I don't ever "fill" the PVR. I have one of those expanders so capacity is pretty good although I find with Shaw PVR's they can have some performance drop offs and issues when getting loaded. I don't think filling those up is recommended.
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    I used to have a hardware PVR but ditched it when I cut the cord & moved to my internet-based software PVR setup I've got now.

    Couldn't imagine going back to channels & ads & geographic limitations & multiple boxes/services to get what I want.
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