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Thread: Calgary company could move to the US due to the Trump Impact

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    Default Calgary company could move to the US due to the Trump Impact

    Not an Edmonton company but a Calgary one will be impacted by efforts to create jobs in the US - a huge loss for Calgary and Alberta as Foxconn, parent company to Calgary based SMART TECHNOLOGIES may be relocated to the USA - so says Foxconn Chairman Gou. 1000 jobs. Alberta and Canadian Government and Business Community need to be vigilant and proactive if we are to keep large company's

    "The decision to increase U.S. manufacturing is potentially a response to President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise of growing domestic jobs, and has threatened to renegotiate NAFTA as well as make it expensive to import Chinese goods. Gou noted that a Canadian interactive display company, Smart Technologies, could be relocated to the U.S. because of Trump's NAFTA plans."

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    I changed the title to reflect the discussion. Simply putting up "Trump Impact" is too vague given his impact on many conversations.


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