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Thread: Birds around Edmonton and Alberta

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    Default Birds around Edmonton and Alberta

    I'm no bird watcher but do enjoy seeing lots of birds and other wildlife around here. So I thought this was interesting:

    Mesmerizing Migration: Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across A Map Of The Western Hemisphere

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    I read on CBC that the Eurasian Collared Dove was spotted first in the region in 2015 and is beginning to proliferate.

    Haven't seen it with my own eyes yet, but they seem cute.
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    If you ever have a bird question, the people at Wild Bird General Store on 99 st are great to ask. I saw a flock of birds in the spring flying overhead and they identified them right away as sand hill cranes. That was really neat to see (and hear). I'm guessing there were close to 500-600 flying in different groups, catching thermals and then riding them up before moving on.
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    ^ agreed, they know their stuff and they have what you need. I just wish they weren't so hard to get to without a car.

    Coming soon to a balcony/patio near you:


    Here's that CBC story:
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