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Thread: New Executive Director of Downtown Business Association is IanO

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    Default New Executive Director of Downtown Business Association is IanO

    Congratulations to one of our formally most vocal members, IanO, AKA Ian O'Donnell (sp?), on his new position as Executive Director of the Downtown Business Association. He had a year-end interview today on CHED with Ryan Jesperson, starting at about 3 minutes 50 seconds into the link. Given the delicacy involved in his new position, I can understand why IanO has been MIA on the forum lately. Good luck in your new position, Ian!

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    He was also featured in the last Sunday Sun Twenty Questions. I can't find it on their website though. He may be happy for that.
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    ^tis a wee bit busy and exceptionally exciting to be involved in the new role.

    ^^Not at all It was meant to be fun, but yes, does not seem to be available electronically.

    Thanks for the support everyone.


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    Have to say IanO did a good job on the twenty questions.

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    Man I thought I hacked your answers until the F1 racing thing came up..

    Normally these 20 questions/answers are not worth even looking at.

    Good job IanO. On the questions and the job I mean.
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    Congratulations. May you have a happy and productive career in your new job.
    As for the Sun's 20 Questions. Well, that is one of my favorite articles in the Sun. Does not matter to me if the person is famous or infamous I just like reading their answers. Even if I have never heard of the person I still like it. I'm going to have to try to chase up last Sunday's Sun. It's probably in the re-cycling.
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    Nice, congrats on your new job. Guess I'll have to throw out the Rolodex card for Ian's phone # @ Manasc.
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    My apologies for missing the earlier post. Admin, please merge this with the original thread.

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    Congratulations IanO, the best to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017!


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