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Thread: Edmonton to get a Jollibee?

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    Default Edmonton to get a Jollibee?

    "It really has become an icon of hope, an icon of joy in the Philippines. When things don't look too well, it's Jollibee where they go to, to celebrate or feel better," he said, comparing its cultural impact to that of Tim Horton's, a coffee and doughnut chain that has become iconically Canadian.

    Like Tim Horton's, not everyone agrees the food is worth waiting queuing for.

    "Is it good? Depends on who you ask," Cantiveros says. "But for those waiting six hours to be one of the first people, I mean, there's a certain nostalgia and craving."

    Jollibee has further "aggressive" North American expansion plans between now and the end of 2018, including another Winnipeg location, two in the Toronto area, and an Edmonton spot.

    There are also two US locations planned, one in Jacksonville, FL, and one in Manhattan.

    Hope so, one just opened in Winnipeg. Very cool

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    I'd rather C2E than work!
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    There certainly is a large Filipino population in Edmonton to support one.
    Go ahead, speed pass me... I'll meet you at the next red light.

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    I'd rather C2E than work!
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    Hmm, lovely!

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    Looks like greasy fast food with family restaurant options, neither of which is really my thing (except fried potatoes), so I doubt I'll eat there much, but glad for the variety.
    Let's make Edmonton better.


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