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Thread: Emerging technologies that may impact Alberta industry

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    Default Emerging technologies that may impact Alberta industry

    I thought I start a thread to post misc. technology or science news and information that people might find interesting. Basically things that may be, or are, on the horizon, etc.

    New discovery may lead to the development of super premium gasoline

    Date: December 7, 2016
    Source: University of Illinois College of Engineering
    In contradicting a theory that's been the standard for over eighty years, researchers have made a discovery holding major promise for the petroleum industry. The research has revealed that in the foreseeable future products such as crude oil and gasoline could be transported across country 30 times faster, and the several minutes it takes to fill a tank of gas could be reduced to mere seconds."

    Here's an older article. I don't know how this worked out (SHORE):
    Non-thermal oilsands tech touted as ‘game changer’
    Even older:
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