My name is Jason Bale. Earlier this year, I ran for city council. One of the items I mentioned in my campaign was to have Edmonton embrace Esports. Now that Blizzard has announced Overwatch League, I am looking to start an Edmonton based Esports team. I would like to start by getting a team of locals into Overwatch League. I will be holding tryouts that will be open to anyone 18+. Once we are established there, I am planning on launching teams for other games. I have a few corporate donors lined up and ready to go, but I need to reach certain milestones. What I need is involvment from the gaming community to share my campaign. Once certain criteria has been met, several local businesses have agreed to help support for this project. I have also reached out to city council, to try and convince them to endorse an official team. More information can be found at
Thank you and I hope to see your support to bring out the Esports culture in Edmonton.