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Thread: Motion Sensitive Deck Post lighting

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    Default Motion Sensitive Deck Post lighting

    Hello all!

    I've been searching for a bit, and not coming up with anything good in the solar world.

    I built a new set of stairs to access the house...stairs that accommodate my disability. I'd rather not have to go through wiring up to 110, so I'm looking for attractive motion sensitive post lights (fit a 4x4 post). I can find a whole bunch of fugly security style lights, but not any that look either nautical or Victorian (the two styles I wouldn't mind). I can find some in 110v.

    If solar, I want ones that don't have that option where they are dim dawn to dusk, and then brighten when motion is detected. Just a simple on/off.

    If you know of any, let me know.
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    Solar is your achilles heel here.

    Found these on and they don't look terrible.
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    Yeah...I'm probably going to have to do 110v, but I don't want exposed junction boxes. With everyone touting the worldly advantages of solar, I thought I'd try it again. Last time, it was horrid. I do have some post top lights on each of the support posts, but even with the good light, I am lucky to get 3 hours out of these.
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