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Thread: Remembering Leonard Cohen, and Edmonton's Sisters of Mercy

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    Default Remembering Leonard Cohen, and Edmonton's Sisters of Mercy

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    "Cohen was very into candles, so he and the ladies at the Mac earlier that day had situated candles around the room and sought out a local photographer to take their picture," said Solez.

    "And I have those pictures, but I can't share those with you."

    Solez has kept the pictures hidden from public view for years, so the sisters of mercy can remain nameless.

    "I'm just protecting these ladies. They don't look exactly like they did in 1966, but it would be possible to identify them.
    "They don't want their identities known."
    It's a shame for Leonard Cohen fans and Edmontonians they cannot see the photos. The sisters of mercy are probably in their 70s and 80s years of age. What's the point of protecting their identities? Spread the joy!


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