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Thread: Created to relieve misery, AISH now causes its own

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    Default Created to relieve misery, AISH now causes its own

    Not surprising...

    Created to relieve misery, AISH now causes its own

    November 8, 2016

    "...The system called Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) is so cold and distant that it makes handicapped people wait an average of more than 200 days for benefits, and wont even speed up for the dying.

    The auditor general found that some approved palliative care applicants did not get proper application forms, received fewer benefits than they were entitled to, or died before receiving any benefits at all.

    To put it in the bleak humour of this tormented world, AISH will even stiff the stiffs.


    The problems range from ridiculous delays between numerous stages of approval, to complex forms that handicapped people have trouble dealing with, to rejections because of minor details that could have been resolved at the start.

    That only begins to describe the wall handicapped people are forced to climb. But whatever it takes,...


    I was more exasperated after each fruitless visit to AISH. The person we saw was never the same when we returned. We presented our case many times and were never offered even basic courtesy.

    We waited for weeks to have inquiries replied to. I lost count of how many doors we knocked on trying to make sense of the AISH maze.

    One indignity follows the next, one uncaring person transfers you to the next, and the only escape from the AISH hell is to give up.

    I am a person somewhat familiar with bureaucracy. I was healthy, I was determined, and I love my boy.

    I cannot imagine..."

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    Good audit. Hope to see meaningful changes. Shame on the PC's for letting this fall apart during their tenure.
    "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal

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    Well, I did not read the full article but being a person now helping someone sort through a maze of Federal Government Benefits I agree wholeheartedly. You never get the same person twice if you go in person to the office. You usually get a different answer from each person. If you phone they send the wrong forms. All government offices should simplify their processes. The sheer frustration in dealing with their many many mounds of paperwork (some of them just about duplicates of previous forms already filled out) just sucks the sole out of people. Decisions can take months after forms are submitted and meanwhile people are destitute. When forms are submitted there should be a set date for when they are processed and not a date 6 months down the road. Automatic letters should be sent to people stating at what stage their claim is at. About time all governments are goosed to quit slacking and get applications done in a timely manner.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    These sorts of stories are one justification for moving towards a guaranteed minimum income scheme. Lose all that bureaucracy, everyone gets the money, and no dis-incentives for those who can work a little to do so.
    There can only be one.

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    One of the cruelest things I can remember Klein doing was threatening AISH recipients with lower benefits or cutting them off and getting them to work. All to balance the books. Some of these people live on the edge as it is. Adding that kind of stress to a physically or mentally handicapped person was just asinine.
    Klein could be a jack azz but I did not think he could be cruel.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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