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    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.

    Of all of the government funded sectors, there is one sector that I believe is terribly undervalued and underfunded, health research. Health research is not only an innovative economic engine it also creates new and improved medical treatments and procedures needed for the health and lives of ourselves, friends, families, and the entire population of Canada.

    There is plenty of evidence suggesting that health research is beneficial to an economy. This quote is just an example of how the U.S. has benefitted from health research, (from page 49 of an assessment report done by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences),

    "Cutler and Kadiyala (1999) suggested that at least one-third , and perhaps as much as onehalf, of the gains in quality of life and life expectancy since 1970 in the U.S.A. could be attributed to health research. Shiel and Di Ruggerio then noted that, based on the models and assumptions of the values of life and attribution used, the conclusion that health research paid huge dividends was reached. They summarized the key finding that 'if onethird of the improvement ($1.5 trillion per year) was due to health research, then the social value of this improvement in health ($500 billion per year) would cover the costs of research 20 times over."

    The full report can be found at .

    Closer to home, an example of the kind of money health research generates that Alberta could get more of is a 140 million dollar deal that the University of British Columbia made with Roche Pharmaceuticals, a Switzerland based company. Not only does this benefit B.C.'s economy, but now they (and everyone else in the world) might soon have a much better option for treating prostate cancer.

    This sector's value is twofold for Albertans: benefits the economy and improves quality of life.

    Canada has a very successful research system and thus has the ability to provide these incredibly valuable services and products to the world including to ourselves. Here is an article showing Canada's competiveness in health research, which the University of Alberta is very much a part of, .

    The way we can increase spending on health research is if enough documented people show their support for an increase in money spent on health research so that the current NDP government would actually recognize its importance and pursue it.
    I am hoping to find people that are interested in helping me with this project by giving suggestions, asking questions, giving constructive feedback or even helping in person.

    I am part of no company or organization related to health research in any way. I benefit in no special way other than in the ways we all would as described above.

    This project needs as much help as it can get. Please help if this at all interests you.

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    The reason why I think health research is so undervalued and underappreciated - as is evident in this thread with zero responses - is because we may forget and take for granted what health research has done for us already.

    Everyone must know someone who is significant that had/has cancer treatment, heart treatment/procedure, anti-depressants, diabetes treatment, antibiotics, etc. Not only might he/she not be here anymore which is the ultimate loss for that person, but the people including you that would have been devastated. Some people are never the same after a loved one dies. Time alive and healthy is not only infinitely crucial for that person but also everyone who loves that person.

    Health research has many other advantages. It makes healthcare cheaper, creates big business, increases the intellectual base of a society, leads to treatments that allow people to live and work more effectively and efficiently, leads to other scientific and technological inventions, unites countries by international collaborations, focusses the world's interest on something that people of all nations hold hope for thus increasing our value to the rest of the world; and probably many other positive impacts.

    My motivation for this is for my parents whom are in their late sixties. They will probably one day have to battle one of the diseases that I mentioned above. It would ruin me if they die knowing that I could have done something to make it better for them, possibly the chance to live another 10 years or so.

    The percent of the provincial budgets as well as the national budgets spent on health research is about 0.7%, not even a percentage point. We can vastly increase our output of medical advancements roughly in proportion of the amount that we increase money spent on research. For example, if Canada finds 5 cures in the next 10 years at present x amount spent (0.7% of taxes), then 2 times that 2x (1.4%) would, on average, provide 10 major cures.

    And, it's not like we would just be doing this for the lives and health of ourselves, friends and family; we would also be strengthening the economy by the timeless health industry. Unlike commodities, health and life are always going to be valuable.

    This is what should be pursued. Let's discuss it on this thread or pm (private message) me.


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