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Thread: The need is urgent

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    Default The need is urgent

    Please watch the video below, these people need our help.

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    that must have been sponsored by crystal clean screen cleaner.

    and some of the comments are just as entertaining:

    I am a millennial who has been work scents I was 14 and this pisses me off. Seriously I work and save and thrift everything. My whole life I am trying to achieve better but I can't because the system is broken. Seriously I don't want to live at home but it's a car or a shared bedroom with 3 other people.

    ... i never learned to mange money until i was in my 20. trying to save for retairment, pay for a car and go to college cost more than i can afford.

    and the most entertaining part is that it's impossible to know whether the commenters are truly serious with their comments or whether they are seriously spoofing with their comments. a discussion that could be held around the video as well.

    in any case, thanks for the morning laugh...
    "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


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