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Thread: Anesthesia in Alberta dental offices questioned

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    This is a horrible story, with a small girl brain damaged after a trip to an Edmonton dentist:

    Alberta is one of just two provinces where dentists with specialized training both administer general anesthetic and perform a dental procedure on a patient, according to a CBC inquiry.

    The majority of provinces require at least two "operators" be present in accredited dental offices to do such work — one person to deliver the sedative drugs and another to perform the procedure.

    Last month, a four-year-old Edmonton girl was rushed to hospital after receiving general anesthetic at a downtown dental office. According to her family, the child stopped breathing for an unknown length of time and suffered permanent brain damage.

    I hear the adverts on the radio sometimes about putting you to sleep for regular dentistry. Its not safe though, unless their is a professional anesthesiologist watching over you, and only doing that task. I hope the law changes to ban this outside of hospitals with anesthesiologists working with the dentists, so no more small children get hurt.

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    That is very sad. There are dental facilities in Edmonton that only do dental work that requires anesthetic. Like mini operating rooms. They have the full compliment of staff including nurses. In hindsight maybe dental work that requires an anesthetic should be referred to these places. At least the family would have been given instructions on what to do before anesthetic is administered, no food, water etc so many hours before procedure.
    On another note per the article. Parents are considering the Go Fund Me money for alternative therapies. They child is their child but alternative therapies in this case is not the route a lot of people would take. The girl is young and here is hoping she regains most if not all her faculties.

    Her parents have quit their jobs to care for her, and a Go Fund Me campaign has raised thousands of dollars. The family is considering using some of the money for alternative therapies. Her family says she has improved "very, very little."
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    ^what concerns me most, is that it seems like this option has become "trendy" lately, which is always a bit scary. I hope Alberta clamps down, before it gets out of hand. Maybe general anesthetic was necessary in this case, but especially with a small child, an anesthesiologist should always be present, their is no way a dentist can match a medical degree and 5 year residency / training. The issue is that anesthesiologists are not cheap (and that's for a reason, its about the most high risk, most likely to be sued, medical profession there is).
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    I don't agree with what this particular dentist did but I think anesthesiology could maybe have different levels. Different anesthetics keep people out for less and longer times. For a procedure in a dental office maybe it's being put under for a short while and the anesthetic not being so strong that allows dentist to be able to do certain procedures. Someone going through a 12 hour operation in going to need something for a longer duration and a stronger dose. I'm not excusing the dentist but he should just be concentrating on his work and not trying to do two major things at once. I wonder if the parents knew the procedure would be done with anesthetics and permission was given. Article does not state if the little girl was scared of needles and maybe put out because of that.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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