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Thread: How much global warming would occur without fossil fuel burning?

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    Default How much global warming would occur without fossil fuel burning?

    Anyone ever read anything on the amt of global warming due to heating homes and buildings, running processes, heat absorbing surfaces, etc? What are the adjustments to the historical record, etc? Moreover, say we could adopt say, pure solar based heating, is that a zero sum effect or a net addition to the ambient air temperature?

    Eg Take the case where land that was forested or grasslands and is now black dirt part of the year; does that increase global warming or does it make no difference?

    Moreover, would/could/should thousands of large reflective space blankets orbiting the earth reflect some sunlight back into space and thus "shade" the earth to reduce global warming?
    (At night, they could/might provide more light at dusk and dawn to reduce ground based lighting and thus heating assuming production and use of surface lighting is worse than solar lighting. See the Russian experiment a few years ago.)
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    Since the beginning of time the climate has been dynamic and I don't think we understand 10% of what makes the climate do what it does. We like to think we know, I mean it's human nature after all, but there's too many variables, many that we have no clue about.

    Regardless of fossil fuels, the climate is going to change.

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    Gee, wouldn't it be nice if we had a group of people who are dedicated to research, analysis, cross examination, and belief in the evidence without bias?

    Then we could let them answer questions like this!

    Or would that be too nutzoid???

    Let's make Edmonton better.


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