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    Interesting that some experts believe that some of these products need warning labels.

    Be careful what you feed your kids - with their smaller body sizes.

    Forget sexism. The real danger in the poster is the protein powder it pushes to women, writes JOHN NAISH

    ...consuming excess protein can damage liver and kidney

    New studies say may also increase risk of death from cancer and diabetes

    ‘Very high levels of protein can damage kidneys and livers,’ says Ms Bond. ‘Protein bars often contain as much as 40g protein — that’s nearly a woman’s full recommended daily amount. More than two of those a day and you are going into dangerous levels.’

    Indeed, in clinical studies, long-term over-consumption of protein has been associated with kidney failure, osteoporosis and heart disease. The problem appears to be that unused protein breaks down in the blood into acidic by-products.
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    ^even supposedly healthy foods like rice, or greens often contain heavy metals, because that's what's in soil. Everything kills us. If you lift weights, you need protein, or your muscles won't repair properly or grow. You can get that lots of ways, from a beef patty which is also laden with cholesterol, drink milk (which is full of sugars, milk exists to make baby cows fat), take nuts or soy in quantity, or take a whey protein drink. As with anything, it's about moderation, whether you get your macronutrient calories from fat, carbohydrate or protein, each will kill you if you over do it. This Forbes article is more balanced:
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    However it's harder to overdose on most naturally occuring foods. Today though many components in foods, medicines, treatments, etc are available in concentrated or super sized portions or containers. So even understanding what moderation is, isnt always obvious.

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    Which is why I suppose vegan is the way to go. Don't think I could handle that myself, though.
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    There is a company called Labdoor that performs a lab analysis of protein brands. It is amazing how much most of them differ from claimed ingredients.

    Anyhow, this site is a good place to look up brands with the highest quality and lowest prevalence of fillers / heavy metals.

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    ^great link, thanks. The most expensive often aren't the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaerdo View Post
    There is a company called Labdoor that performs a lab analysis of protein brands. It is amazing how much most of them differ from claimed ingredients.

    Anyhow, this site is a good place to look up brands with the highest quality and lowest prevalence of fillers / heavy metals.
    Incredible! 74 brands!!!

    Do they test for melamine? They don't say.

    The 13,000+ dog deaths was probably a very low number compared to the actual number of pets dying.
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    ^I think if you looked at sales, about 70% plus would be just four or five brands, the big ones include ON (bodybuilder favorite / Popeyes), Six Star (walmart), body fortress (Costco/walmart), muscel pharm (Costco). There is a Canadian brand which isn't on the list (Mutant), which has worked quite well for me (and is a good buy given the dollar). Not surprisingly, the mass builders are at the bottom (makes sense as they are as much for people wanting carbs as protein).
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    I always loved this episode of Southpark, Weight Gain 4000

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    People using these protein shakes etc. as one of their main sources of nutrition are not being very realistic. I get there are people for some reason or others may have to be on these protein shakes for one reason or another. Hopefully it is only for short periods of time. If a person is going to go or has to go on a liquid diet they are better off sticking with Boost or Ensure as they are more nutritious and not as dangerous as high protein shakes. Boost and Ensure are food replacements/supplements. Not sure if protein shakes can call themselves that.?
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    Protein shakes certainly are not a major nutrition source, agreed. They need to be used as a post-workout recovery beverage or added as just one element of a smoothie.
    For example, for breakfast every workday I make a smoothie with BioSteel protein powder, yes, but it also includes a cup of mixed berries, a cup of spinach, and 2 Tbsp of hemp hearts. The protein is hardly the main nutritive substance.

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    Protein powder is protein. That's it. Eating that as a meal is not good for you.
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    ^that's the same as saying, eating a steak as a meal is not good for you, which is perhaps true on its own in isolation to everything else you need. But if you put it with vegetables, and some carbohydrate, it can be part of a balanced healthy diet. You can sub the steak for a protein shake, or for pork cracklings per the article below. You can sub the vegetables for fruit, etc.

    Here's a good article - no food is healthy, but some foods (including protein shakes) offer some of the nutrition you need:

    Here is a word we think we understand: protein. Protein is good, yes? Builds strong muscles, has positive health connotations. That’s why “protein shakes” are a multibillion-dollar business. Pork cracklings do not have positive health connotations because we think of them as having a high fat content. But pork cracklings are little more than strips of fried pig skin. Skin is one of the many forms of connective tissue in all animal bodies and is composed almost entirely of protein, typically undergirded by a layer of fat. When these strips of pig skin are fried, most of the fat is rendered out and the connective tissue puffs, resulting in a delectable, crunchy, salty crackling. I therefore recommend them to you as a “protein snack” during your on-the-go day


    We will be healthy if we eat nutritious food. Our food is either nutritious or not. We are healthy or we are not. If we eat nutritious food, we may enhance what health we possess.

    This is not a judgment on what you choose to eat. If you hunger for a cheese product grilled between bread that’s been stripped of its nutrition, along with a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup (made with tomato paste, corn syrup and potassium chloride), fine. It was one of my favorite childhood meals. Just be aware. Buy fat-free half-and-half if that’s what you like; just know what it is you’re putting in your body and why.
    IMO as long as every meal (or over the entire day in balance) you get:

    1. vegetables or fruit
    2. protein
    3. some carbohydrate (not too much, esp. sugar),

    you will probably be fine, it doesn't mater the source for each, just don't over do. Odds are you will get enough fat or salt no matter what you eat.
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