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Thread: Looking for a picture of the outside of the Rainbow Ballroom

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    Default Looking for a picture of the outside of the Rainbow Ballroom

    Hi everyone,
    45 years ago, i met my late wife Joyce at the Rainbow Ballroom on white ave at a dance. She passed away last July and I am writing our life story. The most important picture I am missing is a picture of the outside of the Rainbow Ballroom. I have tried all the museums in Alta to no avail. I posted this request on the Edmonton Rock +Roll history facebook page. I have been searching for 10 months to no avail.
    So now I am appealling to the general public. Someone that danced there and happened to take some pictures.

    This means so much to me any help is greatly appreciated.
    From the bottom of my heart Thanks in advance
    Horst Urbaniak
    [email protected]

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    That sound like a beautiful tribute. I am sorry I don't know how to help though.
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    You've probably already come across this - but here's a picture of the inside

    I assume that along with the museums, you've checked the Edmonton and Alberta archives?

    Good luck on your search.

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    Try the Edmonton Archives

    There's also a Vintage Edmonton Facebook page that could help
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    I would suggest going down to the city archives. I hope they'd have a lot more photos available in house than what they have online.


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