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Thread: Do any Edmonton businesses accept bitcoins?

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    Default Do any Edmonton businesses accept bitcoins?

    Unfortunatley I didn't receive any bitcoins from Santa, but would there have been anywhere to spend them in Edmonton anyway?

    I like the concept, a world wide currency with no central bank. Coins are mined in a sort of mathematical process that rewards those who maintain the log of the coins (I think).

    In practice, it seems a bit of a mess, with prices going from hardley anything, to more than a thousand dollars, then plumeting within a few hours (when China stopped access to it). This Arstechinica article discusses:

    Would you buy or sell bitcoins? Do you think a global currency makes sense? Should Edmonton businesses embrace this, or steer clear?
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    Mmmmm....use cash credit or cheque

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    remedy does?

    We will accept bitcoin or any other crypto currency. But there isn't going to be any big pharmaceutical, government agencies, universities or other research labs showing up at my door to pay me in any of them so yeah.. But that being said. I could see that if we started working on stuff that could be weaponized (not that we would mind you) more anonymous payment options would definitely be popping up..

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    Bitcoin is certainly pointing the right direction, but it might end up nowhere itself. After text and voice and music becoming just different forms of data, and thanks to 3D printing technologies, physical objects now becoming virtual, why not the currency to buy and sell them? (Though I understand the Libertarian philosophy of having a currency immune to government manipulation, I think the trend of digitizations of economy will force this innovation into our lives more than anything else).

    While there are now Dollar/Bitcoin ATM machines being installed around the world, including the first in Vancouver, my hunch is politicians might simply put some road blocks ahead due to their fear of disruptive innovations. However, sooner or a later some form of a virtual currency will get past the critical mass and goes mainstream.
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    4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Represents A New Asset Class
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