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Thread: McCauley Moments - Documentary

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    Default McCauley Moments - Documentary

    A short documentary - interviews, opinions,a status update in regards to revitalization successes and future goals.

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    Nicely done, it's good to put a face and to give a voice to the people that live in McCauley. And to show that the community thrives despite the significant burdens that have been placed on it. Hopefully this video will be publicized so that the city's residents take the opportunity to view it.
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    took ya guys long enough to post about this ;-P

    Cute video.... I would like to see a little more refinement to it.
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    McCauley is a rough area with wonderful people living in this community. I deal with drug deals in front on my place daily. On top of that when I talk to eps officers they only shrug and tell me if I don't like it move!


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