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Thread: Green spaces boosts wellbeing

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    Default Green spaces boosts wellbeing

    Just in time for spring...

    Green spaces boosts wellbeing of urban dwellers - study
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    "The research team examined data from a national survey that followed more than 5,000 UK households and 10,000 adults between 1991 and 2008 as they moved house around the country." ...

    "These kinds of comparisons are important for policymakers when trying to decide how to invest scarce public resources, such as for park development or upkeep, and figuring out what bang they'll get for their buck," said Dr White."

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    DECL has long argued that density without amenity is not very livable.


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    ^ But an apartment block thread on c2e gains hundreds if not thousands of postings but green space postings gain 1 post. Yours.

    Here's more news...

    Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being

    By Mark Kinver, 11 January 2014, BBC News

    "There could have been a number of reasons, for example people do all sorts of things to make them happier: they strive for promotion at work, pay rises, they even get married.

    "But the trouble with all those things is that within six months to a year, they are back to their original baseline levels of well-being. So these things are not sustainable; they do not make us happy in the long-term."...

    While I'm at it, I'll secret a neat little, highly-subversive link here...

    (The irony is that we all now live isolated lives working in cubicles and building high fences around our properties and wearing headphones, keeping our eyes down to avoid eye contact, etc.)

    WARNING - Taking this link might be a mind altering experience - altering preconceived notions (and in the conclusion I don't think the mention of park was meant to be taken literally):



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