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Thread: West Edmonton Mall | Renovations

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurritoBurger01 View Post
    Marshalls will be opening on August 14th in the former Winners. I find this confusing: why would they open Homesense and Winners together in the old Target but have Marshalls replace the old Winners? If they opened Homesense and Marshalls together instead, all three would already be open, and Winners wouldn't have to spend time, effort, and money moving across the mall to the old Target.
    It's a bit peculiar- made more so by the brand-new Marshalls that's less than a block away from the Mall itself! Near as I can tell, Winners and its associates have a borderline monopoly on that type of shopping, filling the void left by the Zellers and K-Marts of the world, so maybe they're just trying to capitalize on that foothold by landing a store anywhere they can?

    With Winners, I can see them wanting their flagship brand in the big location, leaving that poorer location on the upper floor (basically shoved into a corner) to the secondary brand- Marshalls. The WEM lower-floor thing is a BIG "Hey, look at us! Look at how well we're doing!" signal to both shoppers and other retailers. Kinda like those stores in Times Square in NYC, that all lose money because it's impossible to turn a profit in Times Square... but it's a great show-off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdm View Post
    I am surprised that Hudson's Bay didn't make a big stink about this (or maybe they did and got nowhere). The Bay sells mattresses and now they will be neighbours. I believe they are even on that floor and just around the corner.
    I'm not sure that's a bad thing for The Bay. If you cluster stores with similar products together that cluster will draw more customers in general because that way they don't have to drive all over town to shop around. It's convenient.

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