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  1. Article: Criteria to be a Guest Columnist on C2E

    You can view the page at
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    NorthernBillsFan - I've sent you a private...

    NorthernBillsFan - I've sent you a private message re: your question.

    For others interested, if you submit a photo to the contest, the rules state that you release the right for C2E and its...
  3. Edmonton Community Foundation Address by Paula Simons

    The following is an exerpt from the keynote address given at the Edmonton Community Foundation AGM on June 6, 2007, by Edmonton Journal Columnist Paula Simons.

    "In his final book, The Revolt of...
  4. Taken care of

    We had a member graciously offer to help out. Thanks.
  5. Going to Glen Murray tonight? C2E needs your help!

    C2E has the opportunity to audio record Glen Murray's speech tonight, in order to post it as a guest column. I am needing someone to pick up a digital recorder (which I can supply) and go a little...
  6. Best Places to Live - MoneySense Magazine

    MoneySense Magazine released their ranking of Canada's Best Places to Live. Out of 123, Edmonton fared a respectable 31 behind Ottawa (1), Halifax (2), Quebec (3), Toronto (12), Winnipeg (13),...
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    2007 State of the City Address

    State of the City Address
    Hall D – May 9, 2007

    Thank you.

    Council Colleagues

    Special guests

    Ladies and Gentlemen
  8. Advice for those seeking a better life in Alberta

    Advice for those seeking a better life in Alberta

    The Telegram (St. John's)
    Fri 27 Apr 2007
    Page: A6
    Section: Editorial
    Byline: Jones, Brian

    Now that the Calgary Flames are out of the...
  9. Premier Ed Stelmach Speaks to the Next Generation of Leaders

    It’s great to be a guest at your inaugural luncheon. This is an impressive group of young community leaders and it’s always great to see Albertans like yourselves taking time out of your busy lives...
  10. Next Gen Event at Telus World of Science

    I am involved in Next Gen and they have this great event coming up open to anyone who is interested and it's FREE!

    It's a special evening event with Jay Ingram (from Daily Planet on Discover...
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    in•ter vi•vos by Michael Brechtel

    in•ter vi•vos adv adj
    from one living person to another

    I know I don’t need to convince anyone that Edmonton is an exciting place to live and work today. We’re in the middle of a boom that is...
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    Edmonton Tackles the Litter Challenge

    By Al Maurer, City Manager

    As the snow melts, litter is making its ritual spring appearance and the City of Edmonton has a plan to manage it.

    It’s called Capital City Clean Up, the City of...
  13. Five Things Edmonton Needs to be a True "Cultural Capit

    By Ryan McCourt

    A "Cultural Capital", to be worthy of the moniker, must have certain cultural amenities. These five visual arts-related projects below are necessary (not to say sufficient)...
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    Sticky: Criteria to be a Guest Columnist on C2E

    Interested in being a C2E guest columnist? It is open to anyone who is a member of C2E. We suggest the following guidelines:

    1. All guest columnists must be a registered member of C2E....
  15. Municipal Wireless Internet Network in Edmonton

    By Kevin MacMillen

    A couple weeks ago I was in a pub with some friends – it was Robbie Burns Day in fact. My friend Denis was there – he is from Scotland – Glasgow actually - and I asked him what...
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    Wanted: Living Wage


    I think the so-called Alberta labour shortage is BS.

    We don't have a labour shortage. We have a pay shortage.

    Businesses in dire need of staff either can't or won't pay a...
  17. Busy and Authentic - Edmonton's Creative City Initiative

    By John Mahon

    What are so-called “smaller cities” like Edmonton doing to reinforce, establish, nurture, and build on the principles of a creative city?

    I think a good first question is “what...
  18. How Literacy Affects Edmonton's Economic Development

    Economic development is a complex and diverse undertaking. Even though Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) has multiple economic development initiatives based on the best practices of our...
  19. Oilers’ owners have earned our loyalty in new arena debate

    By Richard Skermer

    A new downtown arena is now the talk of the town here in Edmonton. Rexall / SkyReach / Northlands Coliseum is rumored to be at an end as far as its suitability for and NHL...
  20. Are We Safe Living in Mill Woods and The Meadows?

    Many Mill Woods and Meadows residents have wondered about the answer to the above question. You get different answers depending on whether the person you ask lives in Mill Woods / The Meadows or not?...
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    Help Wanted

    One does not have to look too hard or too far to find a “help wanted” sign in Edmonton these days. Everywhere we turn it’s “now hiring”, “skilled workers required”, and “apply within”. The booming...
  22. Focus Edmonton: City Plan ... a forward thinking approach

    It seems you can’t pick up a newspaper these days without reading about the significant economic and population growth that Edmonton is experiencing. This growth is expected to continue and it’s...
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    100 Great Ideas

    Ahh, the pioneering spirit. All the new, fun, and interesting roads you can choose. The romance of blazing a trail where few if any have gone before. The romance of the pioneering spirit is...
  24. Sticky: "Great Ideas for A Greater Edmonton" winner!

    After an incredibly succesful contest, we are pleased to announce our winner - Robert Parks of Edmonton. ...
  25. Funding Cuts an Ill-Considered Blow to Non-Profit Sector

    When the Conservative government announced $1 billion in spending cuts in late September, the news of the impact on the affected programs and agencies got a couple of days in the spotlight before...
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