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Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall -April 2012 From Monday 16th through Thursday April 19th, the Edmonton Police Service is partnering with Connect2Edmonton to conduct their second online Town Hall. The forum will take questions on Monday to Thursday, and answers will be posted Tuesday through Friday.

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Default EPS Town hall - Comments and Feedback

Excellent replies thus far. Thank you.

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Please feel free to comment or critique this version of the Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall.
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Only because you asked - thanks to those who arranged for this to occur, and to those who asked and answered questions.

I have little interest in the EPS and their important contribution to our community (probably because they do a good job overall, and crime/justice is an extremely small part of my life in this city); therefore, I have no useful feedback on the content. The format, while stilted, was presumably a necessary component and allowed for reasonable answers to reasonable questions...that was the point of this Town Hall I presume? The style of responses wasn't overly formal or evasive, but in my opinion had the appearance of coming from a communications-focused staff member. Understandable, if perhaps not always as insightful as less filtered commentary from a junior, front-line member. That evaluation I leave to those who participated with close interest.

Curious - the responder(s) did not provide any personal identification. By design? (If so whose?) A reflection of or response to the anonymity of many questioners?

As for the Town Hall concept...any "conversation" in which one side poses obvious or repeatedly-asked questions, or in which the other side responds with canned answers found in a FAQ on a web site (or can be guessed at by anyone with communications training) holds little personal values. Simply aggregating questions and feedback from a "community", while perhaps valuable to some, isn't sufficiently interesting or useful to me. Again, I am not able to evaluate the content against this criteria - at a glance, I think there were some non-trivial questions and answers. Perhaps raising the visibility of resources the EPS makes available for individual questions and feedback is, of itself, worth the effort of the Town Hall?

I hope those who participated - in read-only- or in Question-mode - will take a moment to provide their feedback, beyond the noted kudos written into many of the questions posed. I'm guessing you want some feedback, or may read into the lack of responses a lack of interest in the Town Hall? A lack of interest in the Town Hall would be disappointing....
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