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Education Edmonton has a reputation for excellence in education, from the public and separate school systems, the University of Alberta, MacEwan, NAIT to any one of the other institutions in this city. Students, teachers, parents, researchers and anyone else interested in our education system, please post your comments and thoughts here!

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Default Need and what to do?

HI! friends, i am 6 months to city of Edmonton. I am on permanent status.
I am basically from India having a and a MBA degree with majors in human resources. My problem is that i am not able to find a job in my field. Where i try they ask for Canadian experience? Like i dnt have labour laws and canadian economy knowledge too in the field. So i am thinking to do soem HR related course here. I am confused about the school like NAIT OR MC EWAN OR U O ALBERTA? As of now from whosover i have asked has recommended me NAIT as they do some field placements after completion?

Please suggest and guide so that i can take decision.
Thanks in advance.
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Good resource and contacts.

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^x2. Especially this link:

The NAIT advice is good, but it's important for you to form your own opinions. Each school in the city has counsellors who would be happy to listen to your story, discuss what you would like to accomplish, and give you some relatively neutral advice. They will tell you what a wonderful school they have, but they will also tell you what program(s) best meet your needs, even when the best program doesn't involve that school. In my experience, anyways. Also, some programs at the U of A and MacEwan have field experience as well.

If time isn't an issue, I would suggest starting at a smaller school, perhaps in a two-year or even 16-month program. Some (most?) of the classes you take would be given credit at another school, even the U of A. Once you have taken the shorter program, gained some field experience (or even work a year or two in a help pay the education bills), you might reconsider a University program. The U of A would be great, but MacEwan have some University degree programs as well. The U of A should be able to tell you which coursework they will accept for credit towards their degree.

The useful thing about starting with a shorter program is the limited cost involved - you haven't sunk a lot of time and money into a program that doesn't meet your needs. Perhaps you will find employment after taking a few courses - it's easier to "quit" a short program to go to work, than stop midway through a longer program.

When speaking to these schools, hopefully someone will have a short set of courses to upgrade your business knowledge with HR-specific information. That might be a second-degree program at the U of A (which may accept some or all of your MBA courses as credit); that might be a supplemental program at NAIT designed for their business diploma graduates. U of A has an Extension department for non-degree-granting courses. They offer many evening and weekend courses that supplement what a person already knows or has experience with in the workforce. I would think Extension is an excellent place to start your inquiry, because they should have at least one HR course. If you're cynical, Extension also has the least incentive to drag you into their specific program...they often don't have a program, just courses.

I would recommend completing a diploma- or degree-granting course in Canada, for the purposes of obtaining future jobs. It's unfortunate, but it's very often true that employers will not recognize your MBA degree, certainly not to the same level that they would recognize a North American MBA. If you complete a program in Canada, you will at a minimum have that credential for employers to evaluate. This may rule out U of A may not.

Good luck with your research.
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Quite ironic isn't it.

Best of luck in getting into an HR position and breaking down the preconceived notions that haunt that field.

Until then, rest assured that you probably don't want to work a company that can't see uncharateristic value or potential even when it's sitting right in front of them.

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And here's bit of trivia about "performance contracts" that you might enjoy:

"Buffett: We don't want relationships that are based on contracts. I can't really think of a formal contract that we have. We have understandings about bonus arrangements with various managers. We have different arrangements because all the businesses are different. We don't try to hold people by contracts and it wouldn't work. We basically don't like engaging in them.

Munger: Our model is a seamless web of trust that's deserved on both sides. That's what we're aiming for. The Hollywood model where everyone has a contract and no trust is deserved on either side is not what we want at all"
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