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^A number of UofA professors live in Glenora which is a very short drive (5 mins), or in summer an easy bike / run. It is a beautiful old money/wealth neighborhood. Belgravia is a very good choice as well (no need for car at all then, although its much busier at times to get out of the neighborhood if you do drive). You will get an excellent place in either for 700k. Both have greenspace, with fantastic trails into the rivervalley, and both have fantastic public elementary schools (as good as a private school in most cities).

If you want a newer neighborhood, Riverbend might be a good option, as easy to access UofA via fox drive, and it also has plenty of greenspace (basically, any neighborhood on the river valley does). On balance, I'd probably choose Belgravia if worked at UofA, just for the convenience of walking or taking LRT to work.

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