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    ETS New Name

    No, the underground stations were your second comment. Your first was this

    It was a general comment and could have meant anywhere the

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    Self-driving cars

    I got my learners at 14 and owned my own car. Got around ok on the gravel roads of Wetaskiwin County. My car was registered and insured in my dad's name.

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    Cascadia | Residential | Proposed

    These renders are great. They remind me of concept cars at a car trade show. Nice to look at but wont see reality for the average consumer.

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    Provincial Super Lab - South Campus

    And how many times was Lougheed reelected? Or Klein? That's a change of premier, not "a New government"

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    ETS New Name

    The underground stations aren't visible?

    New York seems to do OK with this

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