View Full Version : CTV's Robert Fife wins Glass House BOZO Award

04-12-2008, 09:16 AM
I'm fed up with all parties as it is ... but what irks me more are 'journalists' who decide they want to rah-rah for their favourite party.

So, after watching Bob Fife go on and on (and on) about what a "Farce" it was that Stephane Dion was late with his YouTube tape since late yesterday [it was], we find HIM screaming into his Cell Phone on Canada AM this morning to Beverley Thompson, saying "I can't hear you, I can't hear you, I can't hear you ...".

Here's 50-cents, Bobbie. Get a pre-paid plan with Fido.

Like Peter Mansbridge said on CBC yesterday, the media shouldn't be so quick to toss stones in glass houses.

(Hope CTV gives Bob Fife a quick promotion to the top for his awesome 'journalism' ...)

04-12-2008, 09:27 AM
Uhh - a technical glitch brought on that rant?

04-12-2008, 10:26 AM
The tape was a disaster! C'mon, ya gotta get this right. He looks like he's a kidnap victim doing a ransom plea. This guy wants to be PM, and he can't even get a taped speech together, given all afternoon to do it? This guy wants to run the country? Maybe in a Banana Republic, but please not in Canada.

It was an embarrasing farce. At the worst possible time. He didn't just strike out, he ripped his trousers in front of millions of viewers. At least it brought a little comedy to the situation, though I'm sure not in the way Dion wanted. The Liberals have got to get rid of Dion before the destroys the whole party. I hope they do it during this break (which is looking more like a blessing for the Liberals now), and put Ignatief in. I could see him as PM. Dion - not in a million years.

I wonder if the video was shot by Ignatief? Just wonderin'.

04-12-2008, 10:58 AM
My original post said the Liberal gaff *was* a farce (see above). No question.

However, the way each network chose to respond to it was not the same.

CBC had already begun airing the Liberal tape after quickly vetting it, and Global National's Kevin Newman, 5+ minutes later, apologized on air for the delay saying that there was a "glitch" from Global TV's end. CTV, meanwhile, signed-off in a huff (their Network was the one to miss the 'scoop' completely), so that it could return to its good-old AMERICAN programming. And it continued with CTV's Fife, over and over, and over. We GET it. CTV: too bad, so sad. We actually don't care, it was just Dion, any way.

The fact is, Dion and his (soon to be fired) Chief of Staff will be history in the spring, New Year. Good-bye.

Similarly, if Stephen Harper is still unwilling to toss an olive branch (Olive TREE), then he should gracefully step down and let the Party decide what it will do in 18 months or less (assuming it will last that long for the "coalition".) Nobody wants a THIRD election right now - do THEY get it? - and in 18 months, either the recesson will knock down the Coalition even FURTHER and/or the Conservatives will have to work hard to win a majority.

Frankly, many Canadians prefer to see a Minority Gov't if only to check and balance their stupidity and excesses. And I have no problems if that Minority Gov't Party in charge is *even* smaller than the existing one.

Stop wasting time and money (my money, your money), and let's move on, folks. It's not rocket science.

Okay, my morning coffee break is all gone. Can't believe it. See you guys. :rolleyes:

McCauley resident
04-12-2008, 12:44 PM
My original post said the Liberal gaff *was* a farce (see above). No question.

You will love listening to this.............


Or not........... :cool: