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18-07-2006, 11:15 AM
was watching pal alex on tv last night... when this "answer" came up

"the province in which the bones of Edmontosaurus, who was completely defenseless and usually preyed upon by Calgarosaurus were discovered"

The girl answered Edmonton. Then the guy answered correctly, Alberta. I think the girl was American... so good at least she's heard of Edmonton. The guy was from Ontario.

Honestly though... was taking liberty with the question... Insert T. Rex for Calgarosaurus. I don't think there was a Calgarosaurus, but I also wasn't sure that T. Rex was ever common in Alberta. Anyway the point is... how did Edmonton get a wimpy and defenseless dino named after it? I somehow think a Calgarian must have had something to with it :?

18-07-2006, 11:20 AM
No, I think there was more of an Edmonton connection (or U of A connection) with the discovery...not sure. MylesC, can you shed some light here?

18-07-2006, 11:39 AM
Hmm...I can do my best.

Most names are never given thinking that "oo..this is a wimpy creature. Let's name it after Toronto."

The Edmontosaurus was erected by Lawrence Morris Lambe in 1917 from a find in the Edmonton Rock Formation, hence the naming.

There are also three species within the genus Edmontonsaurus: E. annectens, E. regalis, E. saskatchewanensis

Any anthropologists out there, please forgive my non-italics of genus and specis names ;)

There is also an Albertosaurus (sp?) but there certainly is no such thing as a Calgarosaurus.

E-Town Crusader
18-07-2006, 11:46 AM
It was the Albertosaurus that preyed upon the Edmontosaurus. There was also another dinosaur found in the formation called Edmontonia.

"Edmontonia was bulky and tank-like at roughly 23ft (7m) long and 6ft (2m) high. It had bony plates on its back and head, many sharp spikes along its back and tail, and 4 large spikes jutting out from its shoulders on both sides. These large spikes were probably used in contests of strength. To protect itself from predators, it probably would have crouched down on the ground to minimalise attack to its defenceless underbelly".

18-07-2006, 12:22 PM
Just our luck, they'll unearth the biggest baddest breed of dino ever somewhere near cowtown and it'll have an Edmontosaurus in in its grasp... that's the one they'll name Calgarosuarus :o

Albertosaurus, yeah... thats the smaller but similar to T. Rex one isn't it? That's what made me think the real T. Rex wasn't common here... or maybe nonexistant... that girl could protest the question

Like the sounds of Edmontonia better... not too glamorous i guess but spikes are always popular with the kids and at least a defenseless underbelly isn't as wimpy as totally defenseless.

Can that Phil Currie guy change Edmontosaurus' name to something else? We don't wanna be associated with it do we?

18-07-2006, 02:03 PM
Can that Phil Currie guy change Edmontosaurus' name to something else? We don't wanna be associated with it do we?

Quite the opposite has happened. The three species came up because other finds were discovered to actually be the same thing!

Welcome to the world of fossil recovery, heh. Everyone wants their own name on something.