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31-10-2007, 04:10 PM
Mayor touts new bridge
Gordon Kent, edmontonjournal.com
Published: 3:37 pm
EDMONTON - A proposal for a long-discussed new bridge across the North Saskatchewan River to improve downtown access will be released within the next three months, Mayor Stephen Mandel says.

"There was lots of concern about 23rd Avenue and traffic blockage there," he said today.

"One only has to come downtown on weekdays to see the trouble getting downtown."

The mayor said he'd like to see a four-lane structure put up on the site of the two-lane Walterdale Bridge, which must be replaced within 10 years.

This was one of several major issues Mandel said will soon come forward as he unveiled his 90-day plan for the city in a speech to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Other areas where he expects to see action include:

-A proposed outline for a new public consultation process, saying the current system is too slow and "way too bogged down."

-An updated budget for building a new southwest recreation centre which will show costs have almost doubled, to $120 million from $65 million, since it was approved three years ago.

-A plan for expanding the LRT system from downtown to NAIT.

-A review of ways to make the local biotech and research industries more competitive across Canada.

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