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This is the link to the 2007 State of the City Address speech that Mayor Stephen Mandell delivered at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on May 9, 2007.


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From speech

We have made so much progress over the last few years. But there is one thing we have not solved, and that’s the region.
The inability of Edmonton and its regional partners to pull together is our biggest challenge. Working in silos is not just silly. It’s destructive.
One region of 1 million people should not have 23 answers to every question.
If we fail to solve this we will see a growing stream of economic success follow the flow of Alberta bitumen to Texas.
We’ll see more announcements like the ones recently made by Synenco and CNRL saying that planned investments have been stalled.
This is a 50-year-old problem. It has been studied to death. And every single study proves what’s abundantly obvious to all of us. We need a formal cooperative structure and an end to divisive infighting.
The Hyndman report said this 10 years ago but it had no teeth. And nothing changed.
The Percy Report said it again and won support from all of the Chambers of Commerce of this Region, every single one. Plus 17 municipalities representing about 90 per cent of the regional population discussed and agreed with this report at a meeting in St. Albert. But 5 municipalities walked out on the discussion, and nothing changed.
Hemson, nationally respected economists, said our region’s inefficiencies will erode our competitiveness.
Our regional citizens are telling us loud and clear that we have to find a better way of working together.
Ladies and gentlemen, the case for change has been proven.
This agenda is built on the strength of solid economic research and strong public support. Now is the time for action.
Unfortunately this is where politics can get frustrating. Because sometimes politics works against logic, economics, and even the wishes of the public.
We know that the municipalities won’t solve this. They have failed at every turn.
But our Premier has been definitive on this issue. He spoke very clearly to an Edmonton Chamber luncheon and promised his Government would, quote, “deal with these issues, once and for all.”
Edmonton would welcome his intervention, because 50 years is long enough!
And now is the time for the Province to take action.
This issue demands that a decision be made, and made to stick.
That is what the citizens of this region expect to see, and soon.
If it does not happen, we can blame politicians who have their own personal agendas that stand apart from reason, and way beyond what is right.
If the Edmonton Region is to move forward, now is the time for the Province to do its job.

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It is a guest column courtesy of the Mayor's office...