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18-03-2007, 12:07 PM
45 days later, the public will see ... nothing

The Edmonton Journal
Published: Sunday, March 18, 2007

The government was in a hurry to get results from its affordable-housing task force, but apparently not in a rush to let Albertans know the panel's recommendations. Based on a past promise by Stelmach, Housing Minister Ray Danyluk ordered a group of MLAs, municipal politicians and housing experts to conduct provincewide consultations and offer solutions to Alberta's housing crisis within 45 days from the task force's Feb. 1 beginnings.

The report of recommendations is due Monday. However, the panel reports only to Danyluk, and the rookie minister said this week he'll pass it over to his fellow Conservative MLAs before considering any public release. He has frustrated municipal leaders with the same approach to a report by the Edmonton and Calgary mayors about provincial-municipal relations. Twice this year Danyluk has emerged from a meeting with them to boast to journalists about the report, but wouldn't disclose the actual document.

The 45-day deadline on the affordable housing report, meanwhile, has reportedly taken its toll on government staff. The premier wanted a quick turnaround on such a pressing social problem, but that's faster than the normal speed of government. While the public panelists have spent marathon sessions in public consultations and team huddles, the six bureaucrats helping the task force have been getting three or four hours of sleep recently as they race to meet deadline on the recommendations.