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01-02-2007, 08:12 AM
First of all let me congratulate you on a great site! I just stumbled across it by accident and hope to contribute much more as time goes on...maybe with a slightly different perspective because I am English and visit about 5 times a year.
Ok, short notice I know but I have this coming weekend (Feb 2nd to 4th) in Edmonton. I stay at the Fairmont Macdonald (one of my all time favourite hotels). I have done a lot of weekend chilling here, literally at this time of year!
I am looking for ideas for things to do that will get me out! I am always on my own and a middle aged male. I have done WEM etc. I am quite happy to rent a car.
Thank you in advance all ideas welcome!
PS I do enjoy Edmonton and ALWAYS enjoy visiting.

01-02-2007, 08:45 AM
Welcome oaktree and thank you for posting.

It probably would help if you let folks know what your interests are... ;)

Otherwise, you may get more traditional answers like the art gallery, the Muttart, Royal Alberta Museum, etc.

01-02-2007, 08:49 AM
Mayfield Dinner Theatre (http://www.mayfieldtheatre.ca/) has a show called The Golden Age Rocks On currently. Fantastic service, great food, free parking...
Citadel Theatre (http://www.citadeltheatre.com/) is 2 blocks from the Hotel MacDonald, and has an assortment of stage productions.
Art Gallery Alberta (http://www.artgalleryalberta.com/), formerly called Edmonton Art Gallery, is always worth a visit.
And a multitude of others, which I'm sure others will post :)

01-02-2007, 10:16 AM
Do they still have outdoor skating @ Hawrelak Park?

Might they rent skates there?

An evening of skating there is quite pleasant, if you are dressed warmly.

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01-02-2007, 12:22 PM
There's always the Varscona theatre in Old Strathcona, which has plays on all the time as well as improv on friday and saturday evenings. Old Strathcona has lots of restaurants and pubs for before and/or after the theatre as well as it being generally a nice stroll during the day.

01-02-2007, 01:55 PM
even if a little cool, rent skates saturday at hawrelak park and have some hot cocoa to warm you up....it is absolutely beautiful down there.

muttart conservatory "those pyramids" are 4 diff climates of flora.

if you are up for a drive, go to the reynolds alberta museum in wetaskiwin.....basically history museum of life in alberta and transporation, farming, etc.....good day trip.

go to the edmonton ski club and rent some downhill skis......it is smaller, but fun and good for all ages.

if you want a cross country ski experience, rent some skis and drive out to "elk island", about 30 min east of edmonton. Unmatched natrual habitat, some buffalo, and wonderful ski trails.

catch an independent film at the "garneau" (109st/87ave) or "princess" theatres (whyte ave and 103/104st).

catch some live jazz at the "yardbird" suite on 103st and about 84ave.

catch some live music at the "side track cafe" on 104st/102ave....

catch an oilers game if there is one on

bundle up and walk around the university of alberta.

01-02-2007, 03:17 PM
Garneau Theatre--"World's Hottest Commercials" film fest is on this weekend. Great event and the Garneau (and the Princess Theatres) have the best real buttered popcorn! :D

01-02-2007, 04:36 PM
I'm a big fan of target shooting, so I'd recommend some time at one of our indoor ranges, where you can try out a bunch of different guns. Seeing as how you're from the UK, this is probably something you wouldn't be able to do back home.

Phoenix or Wild West are very welcoming, with Wild West a bit more tourist friendly, but more expensive, and Phoenix being a bit more geared towards locals...

01-02-2007, 07:01 PM
It's going to be a cool one, but you may want to check out the Farmer's Market at Old Strathcona (8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) on Saturday. It is on the corner of 83rd avenue and 104 street on the Southside. It's great fun to walk around and see some local flavour. While you are there, look across the street and find the New Varscona Theatre where 'Sexy Laundry' is playing (both Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday and Sunday matinees). It's about 'middle aged' people and is really quite a lot of fun. You might also consider lunch near High Street (125 street and 102 avenue) or (as indicated above) a visit to the Muttart - always a wonderful way to spend a winter afternoon. Have a great visit!

01-02-2007, 09:22 PM
It will be a cool, crisp, clear beautiful winter weekend in Edmonton. If you're not afraid of cool air, a walk in the river valley is always nice, any time of year. Skating as indicated above in Hawrelak i is a nice experience.
Or take a drive out hwy 16 East to Elk Island for a drive through and short hike.
Enjoy winter while it lasts!

02-02-2007, 06:13 AM
Hi Everyone. Currently at Montreal Airport waiting for my flight to Edmonton.
Thanks to you all for the great ideas.
One thing I was thinking. Many cities around the world have a sort of volunteer guide setup. This allows keen amateur guides who love their cities to show guests who register (and are bona fide etc) around for a few hours or so.
I would certainly volunteer back home. It seems like a good way to meet new people and learn more about your own environs...what do you think?
I will let you know how i get on but any other ideas welcome. BTW if you are coming to the UK and want ideas let me know!
Thanks again :)

02-02-2007, 01:58 PM
^ What a great idea. I know that I would volunteer for something like this... I seem to end up doing it no matter where I am anyway--guess I always look like I know where I am going and what I am doing.:? (The really scary part is I always do seem to know and have suggestions! Even when I am in foreign cities.)

BTW, where in the UK do you hail from?

Do let us know how your visit was--what you liked etc., things you saw and such but also if you could give us your honest opinions on services, places. If something bad happened or you need clarification on an experience feedback would be appreciated.

I love this city but know there are warts along with the wonderful and IMO the only way to change or improve things is to be aware of them.

Have a great trip to Edmonton and welcome! :D