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Andrea Schuld-Ergil
10-11-2006, 12:26 AM
Ok, as mentioned in another post, "Housing and job info..." by grish, it would be a great help to install a Welcome Centre somewhere. Pick your best location - I don't have that answer. (I was in a meeting where one of our Counsellors mentioned a similar idea to go in the lobby of the WTC.) Personally, I wouldn't put it in the airport as not all newcomers fly here. Or, have more than one, including the airport.


This kiosk would act as a point of entry, and would provide the newcomer to Edmonton with any amount of information on how to get settled in. Employer info might not be quite as crucial at this point. <Ahem!> What should be included is info from all the wonderful nonprofits we have working in the city who are already trying their best with strapped budgets - Don't Get Me Started On That! - to make Edmonton a more liveable, accessible, safe, inclusive (etc) place. Never mind binders, websites and brochures at this kiosk - that would be great - but the kiosk coud also have free phone lines to these organizations. (Think of B&Bs listed in Banff that you can contact for free from the town info centre.)

Examples of nonprofits that could be included - which is by no means a prioritized or exhaustive list:
- Edmonton Mennonite Ctr for Newcomers http://www.emcn.ab.ca/
- Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op http://www.mchb.org/default.htm (Believe me, they're about much more than just health!)
- Millwoods Ctr for Immigrants http://www.mwci-edmonton.net/
- Changing Together: Ctr for Immigrant Women http://www.changingtogether.com/
- Catholic Social Services http://www.catholicsocialservices.ab.ca/ (And you don't even have to be Catholic!)
- Edm. Joint Planning Committee on Housing http://www.moresafehomes.net/ (Check out their links.)
- The Support Network and 211 Community Connection http://www.thesupportnetwork.com/

And on and on!

So many supports for newcomers to the city already exist, and they are working as hard as they can to provide a generally excellent level of service. One major note here, though: They need funding! Compared to the innumerable major-budget proposals on this c2e website, not THAT much $$$ would make an incredible difference to nonprofits.

(I wasn't going to get onto the topic of funding - but too late! It needs to be said many times.) :!:

:?: So what do you say, c2e and EEDC? :?: How can we make this happen? I know that you know that this is a great idea...

10-11-2006, 12:32 AM
Welcome Wagon on steroids... :)

I like the concept. Combine this with having a Tourist Info Center at ALL major entries into town and we have a winner...but first we need major tourist entries like Gateway Park on 16 E and W, and #2 N.

10-11-2006, 12:35 AM
This is good, there is alot of good stuff right here.