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Sonic Death Monkey
30-10-2006, 08:58 PM
Edmonton: Different Collars, Different Colors

Ideas originally posted by myself in http://www.connect2edmonton.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=338 and since merged, modified and edited, but with some more refining.

I've never been comfortable with the notion of E-town being a blue-collar hicktown because it purveys a negative connotation of an industrial hellhole. That will not attract the employees, students, researchers, professionals, businesses and head offices we need to attract here. On the other hand, not everyone wants to be in a purely white-collar city. Therefore, I want Edmonton to take it a step further and market itself as a multi-color and multi-collar city.

Besides the blue collars in the refineries and construction, there's the white collar workers downtown, and whatever collars to symbolize artists, academics, medical researchers, etc. Plus the different color motif would be symbolic of the city's multiculturalism that can appeal to immigrants. And the implied rainbow would symbolize a welcome to the gay/lesbian/transgendered groups to our multicultural mosiac, especially in light of the political homophobia in the province.

Overall, the ad campaign needs to display a young, dynamic, urbane, active, sexy, fun, eclectic, diverse, welcoming, exciting and lively city.

The advertising blitz needs to occur on TV, billboards, internet and print (newspapers, magazines, airline pamphlets, travel guides) all over Alberta, Canada, North America and in select markets in Europe and Asia.

Follow the lead of the Alberta Centennial TV ads, and feature a collage of effective slice-of-life and pulse-of-the-city vignettes against a different color background:
- Hot babes in skimpy attire dancing in a nightclub and on the prowl on Whyte Ave (hey, sex sells)
- Hunky construction workers shirtless, oiled up and building a new home (yes, sex sells that way too)
- business suits shaking hands with each other with City Hall in the background (very VERY symbolic here)
- workers on refinery row
- a pipeline under construction/maintenance
- nanotechnology scientists in their labs at the U of A
- students in class and on campus at the U of A
- A shot of the Edmonton Queen floating by the office towers and into the sunset
- medical researchers presenting their Edmonton Protocol diabetes treatment
- computer programmers at Bioware
- kids receiving care at the Stollery
- the Legislature, in all her grand majesty
- old ladies doing high tea at the Hotel Mac
- people sipping lattes on the Second Cup patio at Jasper and 112 St
- people guzzling beers on the Elephant & Castle patio on a bright sunny day
- sunbathers and volleyball players on a hot day in Hawrelak Park
- people skiing and snowboarding downhill with the skyline in the background
- rollerbladers, joggers and bicyclists along the River Valley Road bike trail
- golfers at the Victoria Golf Club
- families skating in front of City Hall
- swimmers at the Legislature fountains
- dragon boaters on the North Saskatchewan
- a shot of the LRT crossing the river with the Legislature and High Level Bridge in the background
- crowds of downtown people scurrying past the Sunterra and through the 2nd floor of Manulife Place at noon hour
- a street performer on Whyte Ave
- an outdoor show at the Fringe
- well-dressed couples dining at one of E-town's finest establishments
- scenes from an art show
- a fashion show
- kids at the zoo
- goths and punks standing outside the New City bar
- shots of a Cariwest parade
- scenes of a market in Chinatown
- shots of old men guzzling espressos and playing chess in Little Italy
- an Indian wedding at that big banquet hall in "Little India"
- a Christian wedding at St Joe's Basilica
- South American dancers and Japanese drummers at Heritage Days
- shots of deer or other wildlife grazing on some river valley grass with the skyline in the background
- a hot dog vendor at noon hour
- hot chicks in their lululemons doing yoga outdoors with the Muttart Conservatory in the background
- serving up green onion cakes at the Taste of Edmonton
- Mayor Mandel and Councillor Phair in the Gay Pride parade
- student performances at Victoria High
- autumn in the river valley as the leaves change color
- Canada Day fireworks over the Legislature
- northern lights over the skyline
- Pisani scoring a game-winning goal at home

Music accompaniment: performances by the ESO, a live gig at the Sidetrack, DJs spinning at a rave, any hip-hop show, Folkfest, Oilers fans singing "Oh Canada" during the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs

Along the bottom during the ads will show printed factoids.
These factoids would include items such as the one million metro population, demographics, quality of life rankings, arts and festival attendences, sports championships, local oil industry development stats, technology sector info, economic diversification, medical research breakthroughs, quality of health care and education and many more.

There will be multiple ads. Many of the ads will consist of a general and randomly selected cross-section of a variety of the above aspects.

Some ads will target a different focus group and related aspects of the city they'd be interested in. For instance:
- For young people, it would be the hot nightclubbing chicks, live bands and the Whyte Ave scenes that would be broadcast on MuchMusic.
- For business types: downtown at noon, business suits, and refinery row in the Wall Street Journal.
- For sports fans: Grand Prix, Oilers and their singing fans, Eskimos and others broadcast on TSN.
- For the older and well-heeled: Hotel Mac, the symphony and fining dining in The Economist.
- For activity junkies: the skiing, bicylists, the yoga and boating.
- For immigrants: Heritage Days, Chinatown, Cariwest parade, and Little India scenes.
- For families: the zoo, WEM, Victoria High and ice skating.

Notice that I have deliberately left out scenes of cowboys, country bars, cows on the range, foothills and mountains because this is a beaten-to-death horse by Calgary and Alberta as a whole. I want to portray Edmonton as a different facet of the provincial jewel.

31-10-2006, 06:55 AM
I'd say ALL collars, ALL colours...

31-10-2006, 08:57 AM
SDM - Great idea!! this is exactly the kind of thing that the city needs...a pump you up - take pride in this city sort of ad campaign. I just wish the city would have come up with this instead of that hokey "edmonton educates" 15 sec crap that's broadcasted nationwide. My friends from TO had 3 reactions when they saw it. First was, "Oh there's a million people in Edmonton. GREAT!" Second was, "so do those million people have anyhting to do beside the mall and the Oilers?" Third was, "with all them money floating out West, you think they'd come up with something that didn't look like it was made in someone's basement!" AARRGGHH!

Did ya'll ever see that ad for Australia that was banned in the UK? Sex sells! Did you ever see the ads for Las Vegas? Emotions sell! Did you ever see the old ads for "I love this town" (NYC)? Got me out there! Make them WANT TO COME! I say, hire some Bigwig Advertising Exec from TO or Vancouver, go hog wild and show them EVERYTHING about this city (basically what you listed above) in a week, and let his imagination run with it! Sometimes, we need to let others tell us what they see about our city because we've become used to seeing it only one way...and I'm ok with that! Especailly if it changes things to help.

BTW - which department is in charge of these ad campaigns? Letter writing time!!!

Sonic Death Monkey
31-10-2006, 05:08 PM
I'd say ALL collars, ALL colours...
Yup, works for me.
I'm sure my idea could use some refining and fine-tuning.

01-11-2006, 06:11 PM
I'd say ALL collars, ALL colours...
Nicely put.


01-11-2006, 08:59 PM
... as long as you spell colour with the "u" then I'll vote for it. Grin.

Andrea Schuld-Ergil
09-11-2006, 11:30 PM
Sonic Death Monkey,
Your vision makes me want to cry. (In the good way!) I'd be quite proud of such a campaign, and I'm generally rather cynical about such things...

My favourite part: no cowboy imagery. :lol:

Hm, just noticed one theme in your post that I'd tweak, however, particularly when you consider Edmonton's demographics:
"Old ladies doing high tea"; "Old men guzzling espressos".

Maybe something to do with the care of and activities for seniors? Yeah...

But overall, it's GOOD!


19-07-2007, 03:49 PM
Stumbled across this while doing a search... thought I'd bump it up for the newbies : )

19-07-2007, 04:02 PM
^ Good idea...so SDM how goes it?

I want to reiterate some other posters thoughts too.

Only if you spell colour the right way...goes for centre and theatre and the colour grey as well! (There is this wonderful little book called Canadian Press Caps and Spelling...). :wink:

Full colour only!

Replace Pisani with...

I agree with Andrea about the "old" people etc. must be correct you know.

In addition, what is with the "hot" chicks, hot babes and ONLY one mention of hunky construction workers? Equal (ogling) opportunities all the way must be the only way to approach this. :lol:

Who do you think makes the decision for “Daddy and the kids”? It is the wife—appeal to her and the rest are part of the package.

09-01-2012, 12:10 PM
Hey, did anything ever come of this? Very interesting.

Barry N
09-01-2012, 03:49 PM

Sonic Death Monkey
09-01-2012, 06:49 PM
As of a couple of months ago, someone who is on a couple of tourism committees was going to run with this idea with my blessing.