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30-10-2006, 03:39 PM
Have the city set up a few people whose job it is to help retailers find sites. People who can work with the leasing agents like CBRE and shopping centre management, and real estate agents to make deals happen, but whose central goal is to get retailers to locate here. Retailers, both independents and the reps from the chain would definitely feel welcomed if a rep from the city were willing to come pick them up at their hotel, drive them around the city to potential sites, honestly give them the ups and downs of the various areas, and sell the idea that Edmonton is where they should open up shop.

Hell, you could probably expand this to welcome any business to Edmonton, actively selling the city to them.

A lot of businesses will go to a few cities if they are planning an expansion into Western Canada before making a decision on where to locate. The goal here is to make them choose Edmonton over Calgary or Vancouver, or even over Victoria or Winnipeg.

Cost: 130,000 for two staff, probably 20,000 for office space, another 50,000/year for two vehicles to transport people around = 200,000$ a year. Land twenty-four businesses a year (one a month each), and you're looking at tax revenues of minimum 120,000 assuming a minimum of 5,000$ in property tax per business.... . It's a no-brainer. By year two, even at a 30% failure rate, you're looking at making money for the city.

30-10-2006, 04:22 PM
Where do I sign? I'll make this my next job when C2E is stable, except I like the renumeration part for the sales bit. :)

01-11-2006, 08:54 PM
I must admit I have never bought or leased a retail site.

But for anything else I've purchased, I'm not sure I would usually be looking for a government official to connect me with a leasing agent or other type of vendor.

Again, maybe this is different. I don't know.

I would think it might be better to spend the same amount of cash on speeding up the paperwork for development permits and so on.

But I also don't know if that is slow right now.

09-11-2006, 01:38 PM
Check out www.Edmonton.com.

There is a sales force in place for the City of Edmonton.