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  1. SHARE your thoughts on the possibilities and challenges of school space
  2. Principles guiding the conversation,
  3. How Might Surplus space be used now and the future?
  4. Criteria for how/who surplus space is used?
  5. ESL at the Elementry level...
  6. Rally for Community Schools - April 13, 2010
  7. Schools closed
  8. New Schools P3 Announced
  9. Where do children live? School Openings and closings respond to clear demographics.
  10. EFCL leaves sector review process
  11. Keeping schools open will save money
  12. Edmontonians should be very proud of their school system.
  13. At school lunch program...
  14. Edmonton school closures frozen for two years
  15. School Closures Discussion - Urban Sprawl - April 19
  16. The Cost of Religious Discrimination
  17. Garden Program
  18. Picard to remain!!!
  19. Shep teacher kicked out of for giving students zeros
  20. Regarding school for second grade
  21. public schools in Edmonton
  22. School hiring process
  23. Single Sex classrooms
  24. Zero teacher fired
  25. Crestwood>Tempo
  26. What happened to the "public" in public education? - opportunity to participate
  27. Re-designation of Victoria High School
  28. EPSB funds $3.2 million for modular classrooms and portables for new schools
  29. Any plans for a new high school in northwest edmonton? Or just north edmonton ?
  30. Edmontonís Rutherford School in the running for $20K outdoor classroom prize
  31. Choosing schools
  32. Crestwood vs. Glenora School
  33. ECSB passes Capital Plan
  34. New Schools for Edmonton...Not Enough
  35. Portables for all new schools?
  36. Regarding kindergarten school registration
  37. new in edmonton.. which schools???
  38. Primary IB program in Victoria School
  39. Alberta College/Centre High - is there a fit?
  40. Applying to schools outside catchment zones
  41. Which grade to register child?