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  1. Significant buildings proposed or being built in Edmonton.
  2. What will be the next Hall "D"?
  3. MSN Article on Condo Living
  4. Urban Landmark : MacEwan Pointe
  5. Edmonton - The Brasilia of the north
  6. Foreign Links to or about Edmonton's bldgs
  7. JUST FOR FUN - design our skyline
  8. JUST FOR FUN - New Condo/Office tower
  9. Time to build more 'wow' into city's urban landscape
  10. Bay Building Reno's.
  12. New Downtown Arena & Two New Office Towers
  13. Article on Historic Preservation.
  14. AGA & MADE in Edmonton Presents: Antoine Predock
  15. What are your favorite new/redesigned buildings in Edmonton?
  16. Green design: just what the doctor ordered
  17. The towers i want in Edmonton - where and why
  18. Blow out the concrete Hall D walls...
  19. Artists work give Shaw Centre new look
  20. International architects speaking in Edmonton
  21. AGA - Is the design truly unique to Edmonton?
  22. That architecture is so ugly...Edmonton's list
  23. What we need - an architectural ICON
  24. Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence: Edmonton winner
  25. Website of Edmonton Buildings, pictures, etc
  26. What would you build?
  27. Jewish community Archives and Museum
  28. AGA - which design would you have picked?
  29. I can get over how amazing this pic looks of our skyline
  30. Old Post Office Clock needs a makeover
  31. City Centre Tower Re-Skin
  32. Make city more walkable and liveable: lessons from afar...
  33. A Design for Renewing the Royal Alberta Museum
  34. Red Deer entrepreneurs lead way in green design
  35. new Edmonton skyscrapers here
  36. who's responsible for this ugliness?
  37. Women in Design - Jennifer Luce - Mar 21
  38. Planning Academy - sign up here
  39. EDC upcoming applications
  40. Glass Curtain wall vs. Spacing between Windows
  41. need a visionary City Planner!- See magazine...
  42. Concerns about the Riverdale Net-Zero Builder
  43. [b][color=red]HOT: Edmonton[/color][/b]
  44. Which buildings in Edmonton are "untouchable"
  45. DEATH of the Suburb!
  46. livin' LARGE
  47. living with Density
  48. Michael Palladino - Museum Builders Series
  49. Design Edge 2007 by The Alberta Association of Architects
  50. Bulk versus Height - Edmonton listen up
  51. Capital Modern: Edmonton Architecture & Urban Design
  52. Ewwww (Alsop)
  53. Lawrence Herzog's writings, a great history site.
  54. Who say's local architects can't design
  56. $5-million staircase...more money for $88M art gallery
  57. Entry Gateway designs- any opinions?
  58. Time to edumacate yourselves - read up
  59. Celebrating urban modernism in Edmonton
  60. Architectural gems
  61. Downtown Development Map
  62. 'Smart choices,' dumb ideas: a letter to the Journal
  63. cultural investment/vibrant cities
  64. Rossdale Memorial
  65. Buildings take LEED in green design
  66. Proposed change to the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan
  67. Green Research Award Honours Manasc Isaac Architects' Work
  68. Hall D doesn't look half bad now
  69. Edmonton architect recognized for energy-efficient design
  70. Oh what could have been...
  71. Dundee's Office Tower Proposal - with pic
  72. Potential new skyline
  73. New zoning approved for 118th Avenue
  74. Two visionary bridges for the valley
  75. laneway housing
  76. Big plans for old places
  77. Mandel unveils green vision for northeast
  78. Homes for the horsey set
  79. Fountains
  80. The perception of….. impartiality
  81. 2 contentious designs win city honours
  82. Edmonton Urban Design Awards last nite: 2 Controversial wins
  83. If Edmonton wants to shed its ugly image...
  84. What does Alberta do with all its wealth? Not in Edmonton
  85. Developers should pay for infrastructure
  86. Passive Solar heat for warehouses
  87. Pod Hotels
  88. Kasian's new world wide branding
  89. The three C's of urban infill
  90. Privatize City Planning + Development?
  91. The next wave in housing... old cargo containers?
  92. Cities with Green Building Programs Have Increased >400%
  93. My Lower Rossdale Idea
  94. Edmonton architect aims for zero carbon buildings
  95. Open feedback... Our Architecture
  96. A condo tower by me
  97. A low-rise by me
  98. GO WATCH THIS - Radiant City
  99. Mayor promotes 'European-style' housing
  100. My challenge to Edmonton Developers/Architects or YOU!
  101. LED street lights
  102. Pedways killing street ambience
  103. Edmonton and its resistance to lasting architecture
  104. Our idea of cities needs a rethink
  105. A house design by me for me
  106. The "Skinny House"
  107. Simple, efficient, nice tower...why dont we see them?
  108. Iconic Architecture? - good points to consider...
  109. Dome design makes perfect sense
  110. My MArch application portfolio
  111. my arch portfolio
  112. CANstruction: Architecture + Design for a Good Cause
  113. Question re: Edmonton Design Committee
  114. 3 story mixed use
  115. Sensitively Scaled Intensification
  116. Happy Places: Urban transformations
  117. Moshe Safdie: What makes a building unique?
  118. Photo Tour
  119. Cold Climate Construction
  120. Edmontonians - Article on the downtown
  121. EDC February 4 2008 minutes mentions C2E
  122. Rossdale Plant - A Site for a New School of Architecture and Design
  123. work in progress residential
  124. Junk or Jewel?
  125. Design watchdogs have a lot on their plate
  126. Shafraaz Kaba & Walter Jewel on CityTV
  127. Build a bridge to downtown like this one
  128. Interior Design/Architecture
  129. My design - The Urban Townhouse
  130. My design - Modhouse
  131. my designs: arena, 100th/jasper, and firehall
  132. My design: Suburban Home; Prehistoric Influences
  133. When did the stairs go into hiding?
  134. my designs - The inside out house
  135. my last "my design" thread!
  136. a project in edmonton from these guys?
  137. My design - Panorama
  138. my design: museum/gallery building
  139. How our environment shapes our emotional and physiological states
  140. CityTV - Saving the city from bad buildings
  141. old proposal for bay building
  142. Creative Cities Summit 2.0
  143. Experiment: 96% of passers-by ignore famous artist's street painting
  144. "Modern Modular" housing
  145. Design Challenge
  146. Bathroom renovation
  147. Just Curious
  148. Revolutionary or Incompetant?
  149. 105 Avenue - Design District
  150. Making their mark "signature" buildings
  151. Buildings and Architecture Do you have a building you love? Are there proposals you k
  152. Edmonton Residential Architecture
  153. Kitchen FX
  154. My Design - Legislature North Grounds
  155. Clock on Whyte Avenue
  156. RAM - you must choose right now:
  157. My Design: Storage units warehouse 104th and 103rd
  158. My Design - ModBox
  159. Ecosolar Tour - June 7
  160. When good building designs go bad....
  161. 107 / 108St. Enhancements - Information?
  162. my deisign: sports hall of fame
  163. Con Boland House
  164. Edmonton's Architecture (Moved from Urbia Tower)
  165. City shoots down new welcome sign
  166. Urban style car dealerships?
  167. Major downtown rehab in the works?
  168. The Doors Open Edmonton Festival
  169. Good Link To Downtown Edmonton Discussion
  170. Dwell house design contest
  171. Building Murals... which building/what mural?
  172. Mill Creek Flex Homes
  173. I know my neighbourhood is too dense when...
  174. McKeen on Edmonton's 'Stunted Skyline'
  175. Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan
  176. Another Sign of Growth
  177. The Benifits of having a "low" DT
  178. Edmonton's New Downtown Plan
  179. Automated Construction
  180. Leed Ap
  181. MADE lecture - Sept 17th - Florian Maurer
  182. EDC opening
  183. Northern Architecture - Journal Article
  184. A landscaped park for edmonton
  185. Readership background question.
  186. A small change...
  187. Downtown zoning exercise
  188. Net Zero Tour October 4th
  189. Which concrete actions to improve downtown would you support?
  190. CITY COUNCIL needs to stop downtown buildings being torn down for parking!!!
  191. M.A.D.E. Lecture - Mikko Heikkinen October 14th
  192. Jasper Avenue Makeover
  193. CoE planners receive international award: Innovative approach to urban planning
  194. Muni redevelopment not for kids: EPSB
  195. New(?) Dub Architects Website
  196. LEED for Neighborhood Design
  197. Turning their backs on suburbia
  198. Oslo Opera House = wow
  199. Downtown Plan anyone?
  200. New Downtown Edmonton Group On Facebook
  201. How to infill along 104st or in the quarters
  202. 104 Street vision workshop - OCT 28
  203. Cool "pixel" bldg in Denmark
  204. What if it's not really gentrification?
  205. Municipal Development Plan & Master Transportation Plan
  206. Do you support the expansion of City limits for new neighborhoods in 30 year plan?
  207. Triple pane windows
  208. What do you want 104th Street to turn into ¿
  209. Bland, boring housing doesn't cut it anymore
  210. key to developing our core: amazing retail districts, dense residential, and more...
  211. Inside Enterprise Square
  212. Favourite Edmonton Historical Building
  213. Stantec to design Epcor's office space
  214. Manasc Issac architects
  215. working with an architect
  216. Bittorf's buildings were unique
  217. New residential infill guidelines
  218. Architecture/Buildings you would like to see in Edmonton
  219. Living City: A Critical Guide
  220. Translucent Concrete - Its very cool
  221. NAIT student thrilled to win design competition
  222. Who makes these decisions?
  223. edmonton design committee - not quite perfect yet
  224. Best Features of houses for Edmonton
  225. Mill Creek Net Zero Energy House
  226. How often do/did you use your balcony?
  227. design guidelines for new neighborhoods
  228. Commercial Bldg exterior renos-sample Before&After
  229. Pecha Kucha Night v.4 Edmonton
  230. Letter to the Edmonton Inner City Housing Society
  231. How about you Edmonton - Green retrofitting
  232. Revillon Building
  233. Tower Renewal
  234. Downtown Library
  235. Jewish Temple between 119-120st
  236. Jasper Avenue New Vision
  237. Bricks vs. Vinyl Siding
  238. Edmonton's Best Architectural Firms
  239. Leaky Condos Fiasco-Redux Edmonton?
  240. Sustainable Building Symposium - recap
  241. Vancouver Development, Could this Happen In River City?
  243. Hicks on Six Blog - Good-Lookin' Edmonton buildings
  244. Doors Open Edmonton - May 23 and 24, 2009
  245. Westin Expansion Doodle
  246. Canadian (Edmonton) Design Firm Makes Its Mark
  247. Modern Master passes
  248. New Urbanism
  249. Procura's commitment to downtown
  250. Green-roof plan gets green light